Civilization 6 (Switch) - What Is The Difference?


Does anyone know the difference between the game being offered by Amazon US and Amazon AU ?

Amazon US @ $27

This was from Amazon AU for around $58 (now OOS)

Amazon AU @ $58

Description is exactly the same so why are the pricing different? Has anyone purchased from US store? Does it work fine here in AU?



    That is a damn good price, thanks :)

    Oh I have no idea why its cheaper there but I have bought switch games from the US before without issue.


    It works fine. I've only bought non-DLC games from Amazon US - and have had no problems with playing them.

    I believe the only issue you might have is having to purchase DLCs from the US eShop instead of the Australian one.


      Are you able to buy expansion packs and play those from AU eSHop ?


        Yes. I have a Canadian copy of Dead Cells. Both the free and paid DLC for the game (downloaded from the Australian eShop) work with the North American cartridge.

        The only time the DLC issue arises is when DLC doesn't exactly match across different regions.

        It's a complex topic, but from my experiences you'll be fine.

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