Dyson V11 Price Fluctuations

I've been trying to buy a Dyson V11 since about December, when they were on Boxing Day sales for about $900 if I recall. I wasn't sure/ready yet so I waited. They went back to full price in Jan/Feb around $1000 - $1100, but with the free stand worth $150. I waited as I didn't need a stand and hoped to get the low boxing day price again, and also figured we were nearing a year of it being released so prices should go down (?). THEN I missed the best deal of all, around $799 WITH free stand, I just hadn't checked online in a few weeks and missed it. NOW it seems they've just "re-released" all the old V11's but calling them "new/latest technology" and are all back at full price and more, min $1200, no stand, no special offers. I asked on the chat how they were "different" (to the ones on sale for $799-$900 since November/December 2019) and she said it comes with an extra battery. So no change to the actual device?! I don't really need an extra battery as our apartment is small, and I don't think it's worth several hundred dollars more. (I'm not talking about the new Outsize, I just wanted the regular cheapest one which was the Torque Drive I think). I've never failed so bad at getting a good price on something in my life!!