I Got Terminated Letter after Non-Essential Business Shutdowns and Centrelink Is Not an Option

Hi all, hope every one is doing well in these difficult days …

Unfortunately I have received a terminated letter from my employer after the government announced on 26th of March 2020, that all non-essential business will have to shutdown… and as a IT / Assembly professional working in advertising sector I have received the letter of termination after the announcement.. and I got rejected on my Centrelink claim. It shows that to be eligible for any payments the migrants must be in Australia for more than two years..

So what you think my options are should I appeal to Centrelink decisions or find another job?


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    Find a job, life off youre spouse / family support or go home.

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      None of these are the easiest things to do right now. Have some compassion.

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        Op asked for options.


        Not sure what you expect. There's no puppy and rainbows solution to this. Life is a bitch sometimes and you just gotta deal with it. Those are the 3 only viable options for OP at this time unless he wants to starve.

        They may be hard but they're a lot easier than the alternative.

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    Appeal on what grounds?

    The laws are clear on the 2 year qualifying period.

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    How far away are you from meeting the 2 year requirement?

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    Did they stand you down or permanently terminate your employement?

    If the latter, then starting look for another job.

    Regardless of COVID you were never guarenteed anything from Centerlink.



    Are you a permanent visa holder? Unless I interpret it incorrectly, seems like the waiting period for job seeker payment has been waived temporary due to cover 19?

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    Newly arrived resident's waiting period

    We’ve removed the newly arrived residents waiting period for JobSeeker Payment, Youth Allowance, Austudy, Parenting Payment Single and Partnered, Farm Household Allowance and Special Benefit from 25 March 2020. This is due to coronavirus (COVID-19). We’ll let you know once this starts again.

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    @OP. whats your current visa?

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    What's an Assembly professional? Buiding PCs?

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    unfortunately find another job or relocate to your home country where you will be entitled to help if they have it.

    you could lose your job at any time.

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    There are other jobs out there, I know it's difficult but don't give up - woolies, coles, warehouses, uber, delivering mail, whatever it is - there are jobs.

    Sorry about your situation hope you find a stable income.

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    We first need to know what visa you are on, then we can check if you are eligible for something or nothing.

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    Time to head home maybe?


    Start looking for another job. Call businesses or door knock and leave resumes. In the meantime see if family can help with bills. Don't tell me you don't have any savings. Life needs to be making sure you look after yourself which means putting away some money for a rainy day and emergencies. Start limiting your spending to save money. Do a budget of your expenses. You need to do everything you can do get any job for the short term if you can't find anything in your field. Good luck.


    I’ve been a migrant with no recourse to public funds. It is the condition you accept for the working visa.
    I realise it would be nice to get welfare, but you need to rely on your savings, get a different job, or return to your home country.


    You may be eligible to access your super. You need to apply on the myGov website. Best of luck.

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    If you're not Australian you should leave the country. If flights out are not operating then raise attention to it. We are facing mass unemployment and jobs and welfare should be reserved for Citizens, not migrants.