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Coffee Beans 2 for 1 Sale (Free VIC Shipping) @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


Order coffee from Inglewood Coffee Roasters, and they will double your order. 24 hours only

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters

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  • Ordered from these guys from the last deal, had a mishap with my order but they rectified it and sent me the right amount plus the original amount! Coffee tastes great

  • Ordered. Not sure if the coupon worked though. The receipt doesn’t mention anything.

  • Remember that delivery is free in Victoria only. Should add that detail OP.

  • Ordered the Sunset Bvd from the last deal, great beans!

    • I got the same last time and thought it was undrinkable, mind me asking how you if you got beans or pre-ground and how you are making it? I got mine ground for espresso machine and making mine as cappucinos, havent made it through more than half a cup before chucking it down the sink…

      • I got whole beans, I’ve used them in my Delonghi Dinamica (internal grinder for each shot) as well as ground some at home to use for cold drip - have found great results with both.

      • You must be doing something wrong? Never had to throw out home made coffee with fresh beans? It can't go that wrong, can it?

    • How long did delivery take?

  • The decaf flavour profile sounds good … but it's decaf …

  • Last deal was better, $30 for 1kg. If order 500grm now, 1kg will cost $40.

  • I'm enjoying their coffee from a previous order. Had to adjust the grinder to a rougher grind so my machine would give an even pour. But the Crema looks great and the flavour is powerful

  • Yep, I got a kg of Roosevelt beans a couple of weeks back and think it's up there with the very best I've had. They took a week to deliver so that wasn't great.

  • Ordered. Here's hoping the voucher works because it certainly doesn't reflect!

  • @Op - How long can whole beans be kept for, in the unopened bag before it's starts heading south?

    I'm just thinking will I get through 2x 1kg bags (2 adults, 1 cup each a day) before the second bag starts turning??

  • Looking for beans for expresso. Which one is ideal?

  • Ordered, thanks!

  • Can't add Roosevelt to my cart? Still going through the Sunset from the last deal. Oh well, good to see you got rid of the red cursor dot on the website at least!

  • Got the sunset blend deal before last, beans were decent and hand delivered two days later (Vic Metro), was very impressed. Got another 1kg in the deal before this one on 30/3 and haven’t got anything yet.

  • Anyone got anything yet?
    Expected some email or tracking link two business after ordering but nothing so far…

  • I don't know why they are doing these promotions if they can't get their shipping right. Ordered from the stimulus bargain and tracking shows its still in VIC so the beans are probably gonna get stale as they arrive.

    Emailed them for a refund, but looks like they have lots of enquiries right now.