Best TV Tuner in The Market?

Want to watch some TV on my PC's monitor, but don't want to get a paid TV monthly subscription. Are there any good TV Tuners? What are my options?


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    If all you want is some tv on your PC then any old USB Digital TV tuner should work. I used to use a $5 one I got off Ali Express and it worked fine.

    That said I've recently started using IPTV with Kodi for all free to air stations on my main TV. Works great and it's free.


    Who doesn't want to get paid!?

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    The best that I'm aware of would be the Silicondust HD Homerun. It's network based so plug it into your router and stream to computers, tablets or game consoles. It's not cheap, at around $240 for the dual tuner box.

    The best value might be the Vodafone TV for $79, as long as you can connect it to your monitor with HDMI. It's Android TV box with a built in tuner.

    If you don't have a connection to a roof top antenna forget about tuners. In my experience indoor antennas are no good.


    Freeview has been my go to for free to air tv on any device…except some live footy or sports that sometimes get missed cos I am in perth, and it seems to go by eastern states when a live sports is on air, and sometimes isn't available.