This was posted 10 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Glen 20 375g Country Scent $11.67 @ Officeworks (C&C) Limit 2 Per Customer


The date for click and collect seems to be next week sometime depending on the store you select.

Usual price around $8 for 300g can (if you can find any) so not too bad $11.67 for 375g.

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  • Handing in my OB badge, if this is considered a bargain…

  • This is fking terrible.

    Getting sick of this site lately. Funnily enough it's often new posters too.

    • need a new thread “ toiletries and sanitizers” where people can post the deals based on gouging or not enough quantities rather than spamming the main feed, ……especially the amazon deals that don’t have quantities …..

      • especially the amazon deals that don’t have quantities …..

        Agree on banning Amazon deals.

        • I don't think I've seen a worthy Amazon deal other than the 36 pack of drinks with free delivery.

          By the time you see the post they're sold out and they weren't a good price anyway…

          • @Telios: Not sure about that. They cant beat Coles and Woolies 1/2 price but most are cheaper than RRP.

            • @ripesashimi: with amazon and supermarket items that is the thing, EITHER coles or woolies have those items 1/2 price often , can’t recall when i’ve had less then 40% off coke or pepsi, sometimes 50% …..ive never paid rrp for a slab of coke or pepsi.

              same for glen 20 , who pays rrp except people that have business accounts with office works and buy for work and like the convenience of using an account and usually includes other stuff.

  • You could get from Aldi generic ( some stores still have them ) for much cheaper than glens

  • belongs on -I can't find it anywhere

  • I bought one for 5 dollars at coles

  • I get this from Costco $4.99 and my foodworks has the 300g $4
    Fully stocked

  • Bought 6. 2 x each diff item. Free delivery
    Thx op

  • I feel like this stuff is likely to give you respiratory issues with long term use, which would make it counterproductive

  • not cheap at all, but I couldn't find them anywhere else. Looks like more of these essentials are back in stock, bought 2 anayway.

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    What a rip off!

  • It was $3.75 about 3 months ago at Coles and Woolies. Don't buy this even you're desperate!

  • Thanks Op! Got one!
    Needed one for my car but couldn't find it anywhere else.

  • Currently in stock and $8.00 at Coles and Woolies.

    • All stores near me (2153 NSW) appear to be out of stock. I couldn't find any from the last few visits to Woolies and Coles. :(

  • Aldi seems to be restocking seen there’s in most days at my local , this is just a rip-off

  • I misread and thought it was two for $11.67. I thought "that's not so bad, what's everyone's problem". When I realised that's the price for ONE, I totally agree it's gouging. It's pretty piss poor that profiteers on Amazon and eBay do this, but for the big retailers to do it is disgusting.

    • Agree. It's one thing to see this on eBay (who seem to ignore listings reported for price gouging), but for Officeworks to do this, it's truly disgusting.

  • Never would I have imagined the day that rip off prices and price gouging are considered bargains worth posting.