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Breeders Choice Cat Litter 30L $17.99 Delivered w/ Subscribe and Save @ Amazon AU


Currently on special for $19.99 but with S&S it brings it down to a much more reasonable $17.99. Last time it was this price was October 2019.
All time low from Amazon was $15.98, but good price if you need some, cheaper than the pet shops - no min purchase, and delivered.

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    having a super fussy indoor cat, if she didnt like the litter box she would shit or piss on your clothes or bed. I used the crystal litter for so long and she was happy. changed to this as it's a proper recycled product, claims no dust and better smell management.

    after 4 months I can't beleive this is not more widely available. it's great. doesnt clump, easy to scoop out solids and lasts much longer before needing to be changed. Another bonus for me, have it on subscribe and save and the 2nd bag arrived last week. I still have half the first bag.

    while i understand talking shit is more for the forums, this litter has made such a positive change in the house and my cat has no issues with it. I dont find crystals on the floor and it almost always looks dry.

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    I just need some clumping or crystal litter or kitty and the rest of the household is going to have a bad time. My Aldi+Woolies were both empty

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    our cats are fussy we tried this brand and the crystals it didn't work for us

    they only like the stuff that looks like rocks and comes in the orange bag at woolies

    but its been hard to come by recently, but i hate that stuff its like finding lego's on the floor in the middle of the night

    it hurts if you step on it by accident

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      I think you're referring to the brand Chandler, we use that one too.
      The Breeder's Choice one linked in this deal our cat makes a mess of. It sticks to her paws then she flicks it and chases it.

      Thankfully she doesn't make much mess with the Chandler one.


        yup pretty sure you are right its chandler they put the price up recently though but it seems to work well and its cheap

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    For comparison, we normally get the Coles Cat Litter Recycled Paper 21L for $15.00 (everyday low price), which is $7.14 per 10L. For this deal, 30L Breeders Choice Cat Litter for $18 each pack, is $6 per 10L. So for a max buy of 2 packs, your saving $6.84 for 60L worth.

    Also, the Coles one has been sold out every time I have been to Coles in the last few weeks, and this stuff is basically identical, and atm cheaper. :)


    I bought 120L(30L*4) of this for $76 from Pet Circle but they are currently sold out. 17.99 is a very good price. Will subscribe when my stock runs out.

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    Got it! thanks mate!


    Thanks OP. I usually get this from petbarn when they send me 30% off. I think it's around $15 for 30L but I gotta pick it up so this is def a bargain. Thanks.


    Thanks OP

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