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[eBook] 260 Free Travel Guide Books @ Rough Guides


Got this deal from a from a friend. Add eBooks to cart and enter your details and apply the coupon at checkout.

The coupon can only be used once per account.

Not sure how long the deal lasts for, but worth grabbing whichever books you might need in the future now.

Update: The coupon is now only valid for 1 eBook of your choice and can only be used once per account.

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    Is Farcebook connect the only way to sign up to this site? There isn't a sign up form other than via Farcebook.

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      I found the answer. A new account will be created during checkout.

      There are 260 eBooks available but the coupon can only be used once per account. Made sure you "buy the eBooks" all at once.

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        Found a quick way to add them all at once or are we clicking through each individual book to add them to the cart?

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          Am getting bored clicking through all these books I probably will never look at or will be way out of date when I do.
          And at the end of that slow process the code may have expired…

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          Wait till you have to start downloading them one by one…

          Its been 2 hours and i'm only half way done. Not sure this was worth the effort

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            @Pazanski: Firefox DownThemAll extension will download all the eBooks at once. Adding them took 10 seconds. Downloading obviously depends on your broadband speed. Then the pain starts again to rename the files.

            There are 567 eBooks, totalling 43.3 GiB in size. The web site failed to generate these 8 eBooks.

            • The Rough Guide to California MOBI
            • Rough Guides Snapshot Brazil: Rio de Janeiro MOBI
            • Southern Brazil: Rough Guides Snapshot Brazil MOBI
            • Pocket Rough Guide Bruges and Ghent MOBI
            • Pocket Rough Guide Prague PDF
            • Pocket Rough Guide Berlin MOBI
            • Pocket Rough Guide Reykjav√≠k PDF
            • The Rough Guide to Sicily MOBI

              @alvian: Got some instruction Alvian?

              Tried in both Chrome and Firefox, but obviously do not understand what page I'm supposed to be on because DownThemAll doesn't seem to be picking up the required links.

              Or I'm using it completely wrong take your pick :(

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                1. Login and open your eBooks download page.
                2. Ctrl-A to select all contents.
                3. Right-click (but not on a thumbnail because the shortcut menu will not pop up)
                4. In the pop-up shortcut menu, move your mouse to highlight DownThemAll and left-click on Save Selection with DownThemAll.
                5. Wait for DownThemAll window to appear, depending on how slow your computer operates.
                6. In DownThemAll window, enter this into Fast Filtering
                  *_epub*, *_mobi*, *_pdf*
                7. Tick Disable others, tick Use Once.
                8. Check status bar. If, like me, you have "bought" all 260 eBooks and have 8 that failed to generate, then it should say
                  567 items selected…
                9. Choose your Subfolder. Choose your Mask for filename renaming (default is *name*.*ext*).
                10. Click Download to start, or Add paused to queue download.

                  @alvian: Actually you can skip steps 2 by modifying step 4.

                  2. {obsolete}
                  4. In the pop-up shortcut menu, move your mouse to highlight DownThemAll and left-click on DownThemAll.


          I haven't found a quick way to add them all at once. Yes, it was painful.


        I think this is only for a single book now, instead of once per checkout. I entered the coupon, and it subtracted the cost for the most expensive of book I had in my cart. Did they change it?

        Update: Yeah, they've changed it according to here https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/40396553


    NVM found.


    Just received $2000 worth of ebooks for free.

    Seems legit.


    Have an account from last free book Deal in 2018.

    Won't login on mobile (Chrome on Android), even in Desktop mode. Changed password, but login button does nothing.

    Logged in on tablet - found the books I wanted are already in my library.
    Checked latest "Malaysia" for next holiday - same edition as in my "bought" books.

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    Worked GREAT and I am VERY HAPPY.I've spent the last 45 mins sorting out what I wanted and am VERY HAPPY!! Thank-you again.Keep Well and Regards :)

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    Thank you. you are awesome amazing and more . My trip to Europe has been canceled and who knows when I will get to travel again, let alone if I will get any money back. Now at least I can read and plan.