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[PS4, PS Plus] Free Theme - FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Cloud Theme | FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE SHAREfactory Theme @ PS Store


Released today and already has a five star rating!

Also available - FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE SHAREfactory™ Theme

If you're a PlayStation Plus member, you can download this item at no extra cost and it's yours to keep until your membership ends.

A theme for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on PlayStation®4. Give your PlayStation®4 system’s home screen a personal touch with this special theme. Themes can be downloaded to give your on-screen display a completely new look, changing the background, icons and colours to match your favourite game or style.

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    so badly want to play this and kingdom hearts 3

    no ps4 atm :(

    i hope they re both really good

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      They are both epic.


      I finished FF7 Remake earlier today and it's both amazing and batshit insane in the best way possible.

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      KH3 was… Meh.

      I finished it but didn't enjoy most of it and was assured that it would get better. It did, but only in the last 1/3 or 1/4.


        Did you play the first two KH games as a kid? You need a healthy dose of nostalgia to enjoy the story line in KH.
        The combat is awesome, prefer the mechanics to FF7 remake which is no slouch. Final fantasy characters missing in KH is very sad also.


          I read the manga and watched my friend play the first 2 and I have played DDD and 358/2. Yes, I think I wasn't invested in the story as much as someone who is a big fan of it.

          I was definitely impressed by the graphics, the presentation was top notch and what I would imagine a KH game at its best.

          Combat was where I disliked. It was a spam X fest with some spells here and there. The attractions did not feel natural and felt like it was just for flashiness and repeat for 30 hours. It would have definitely been more fun if there was some combos like in platinum games such as bayonetta or nier automata but combos are locked to the keyblades you choose. Overall, I think the combat would have been acceptable on a 3DS console but not PS4, KH combat felt flat in today's world.

          I know this is an unfair comparison as KH combat has never been about a proper hack and slash, but it's just just a pain when a new group of enemies spawn.

          The biggest disappointment was the handling of Disney retelling. Massive Disney cartoon fan but the retelling was not done well. I felt like I would have put up with the combat a lot more if this was done better. I don't want to go into spoilers.

          The mini games had a lot of potential but they were just too shallow. One was a cooking mama knock off and badly done (how is cracking an egg to make a dish any fun??).

          What got me excited was the last section where it goes back to the "story" but the process of getting there was painful.

          Overall, I felt the game was too ambitious to cram as many ideas in the game without adding depth and massive let down by the Disney retelling.


      The Kingdom Hearts Everything So Far package is like $47 on the PS Store currently too. I just picked up a PS4 Pro and will be slowly playing through from 1.5.


    PS+ Only god damnit.


    until your membership ends….. awesome

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    The linked theme is for ps+ members only. Here is a free one if you downloaded the demo, imo it's much better!


    Legend! I got a console just to play this, and was disappointed to learn the theme was showing as digital preorders only.