Best Kettle No BPA No Plastic inside

Help me find an electric kettle with no internal plastic, no BPA that will heat up and is toxic. Prefer no aluminum no nickel. I have an autoimmune disorder want to avoid sources of toxicity, especially as a kettle is used a few times a day. Ps still has to look good.


  • Go waddle down to Kmart when the Wuhan virus is over and pick up the glass kettle they have

  • There is this Kambrook 1.7L BPA Free Stainless Kettle $54 - unsure as to whether the aesthetics appeal.

    In terms of whether it is also aluminium & nickel free, I suggest contacting Kambrook to confirm.

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    There are no electric kettles that we've found, and we looked at a lot of them, they all contain plastic on the inside or on the lid. Ended up getting one of these and use it on the stove:…

    I'd be amazed if you do find an electric kettle with no plastic. If you do find one, let me know! :)

    You could also consider a Hario, they are stainless steel, no plastic on inside:…

    • You could also consider a Hario

      Gooseneck kettles look great & so precise with the pour.

    • The KitchenAid KEK1565 doesn't have any interior plastic (just the outer case is plastic). Seems to be the only one available in Aus that is.

      • Oh wow THANK YOU for this recommendation. I have been looking everywhere for an electric kettle with no plastic inside and had almost given up.

        Everything I've found either isn't available in Australia or on closer inspection has plastic on the inside part of the lid, spout, or some other internal part.

        Seriously someone should make more no-plastic interior kettles, I'm sure there's a market for them.

  • I have a Xiaomi Smart Kettle and it has very little plastic. As in the main thing is all stainless. I think the lid has a layer as well but I can't check as all my shit is in storage!

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