Qantas American Express Travel Credit

What is everyone doing with their $450 credit?
Not sure if anyone would buy it.

Is it worthwhile to keep the card?

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    Amex sent out a release saying that travel credits expiring before July will be extended into December

  • really. I missed it. That's good on them!

  • I asked them about this on the on-line chat last week. Mine expires end of July and they advised to contact them closer to that date to get it extended by 6 months.

  • Same applies to a host of cards. I’m chasing up the ANZ traveller rewards card people (it comes with a Virgin flight) about getting the annual fee refunded as I’ve got Buckleys for getting a flight.

    • I've just hit my anniversary date on the ANZ travel rewards card and decided to cancel it instead. Didn't think about requesting to waive annual fee as remember banks aren't allowed to do that anymore (of course this was pre-Covid times)

  • If we cancel the Qantas American Express card do we get to keep the credit that has been extended?

    Also if we keep the card and get charged the annual fee, will we then have 2 credits available?

    • Did you find an answer? I'd like to know if we get to keep the $450 credit after the cards been cancelled.

      • No. I suppose I should ring them.

  • Yeh think my card comes up for renewal in a month or so and while the travel credit has been extended I’m not going to cough up the yearly fee for another 12m

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