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[3DS] Persona Q $13 (50% off), Persona Q2 $32.97 (45% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Good games for the price. Great fun to play especially if you enjoyed Persona 3/4/5.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - $13.00 (Was $26.00)
Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth - $32.97 (Was $59.95)

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  • If you're playing this because you like Etrian Odyssey games and haven't played Persona 3/4 which game's characters' path would you recommend choosing in Q1?

    • They work pretty similarly and you get access to everyone later in the game anyway. I went for P4 characters in my playthrough.

    • Just lil bit different in team setup as the main char for P3 is wiz (glass cannon DPS) and the P4 main char is more of a balanced melee

  • Maybe its just me but it still astounds me that you can't purchase online for nintendo, playstation got this years ago, steam even further ago.

    • I’m pretty sure you can on the Switch, but, yeah, not the 3DS.

    • yeah its so bad.. cant pay directly with cc too, need to add funds first. and you cant just the exact balance you want smh