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Feral Biggie Juice 3x 16pk Cartons $149 (Was $240) + Free Shipping @ Craft Cartel


All the way from WA! Get 3 x 16pk cartons of fresh Feral Biggie Juice delivered for just $149. Normally $80 a carton, this is an awesome saving of $91 plus enjoy Free Shipping Australia-wide.

Tasting Note
This beer is teaming with punchy tropical hip hop aromas full of apricot, peaches and passionfruit. Day dreaming in a cloud of haze, this IPA is intentionally cloudy contributing to a creamy mouthfeel. ABV: 6%.

Freshly brewed last week, the best before date is April 2021.

To redeem deal, add 3 Feral Biggie Juice 16pks to your cart and enter coupon code: BIGGIE

*Offer available while stock lasts. No refunds or exchanges on sale items if you change your mind. Can't be used in-conjunction with other specials. Your beer will be dispatched on Thursday, April 23.


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  • +1

    Pretty good deal for a good craft beer… even though they are owned by Coke

    One of the best NEIPAs going around

    • +1

      Yeah - we got pretty excited about this deal as it's such a cracking beer.

  • +7

    Great beer, although i dont think i could justify buying 48 cans at once.

    • +2

      Nice and fresh though. Only came off the canning line last week, so the best before date is not until April 2021.

    • +1

      Yep! Trying to find 2 other people to buy it with… NEIPAs are amazing fresh but lose their edge after 2-3 months

  • Excellent beer!

  • +4

    I wish they were still brewing the Imperial version of this.

  • I only want 1 carton. Anyone in perth want to share?

    • Yeah happy to offload one case if you want. I live near Murdoch. Pm if interested.

  • Awesome deal! Thanks OP

    • Thanks for your support! Glad you got your 3 cases of Biggie Juice - it's selling fast.

  • Great price for an amazing beer, couldnt pass it up - ordered! Cheers OP!

  • +7

    3x 16 = 2x 24…

    • -1

      Carton: a small, light box or container in which drinks or foodstuffs are packaged.

      I mean if the company defines there carton as 16 (and at the price they normally charge for 16 yeah its a carton.) then its a carton.

      • -3

        If a pub defines a pint as 100ml, charges $12, you're ok with that?

        I'll open up a pub as soon as covid is over. You can come straight in as a vip.

        Slight difference that a pint is a legalised measurement, but "cartons" as 16 is dickish.

        • +2

          Bad example. A pint is a unit of measure. A carton is not.

  • So it's nearly $50 a carton of 16 cans? That's pricey.

    • +1

      Currently 68$ a case on dan murphy/boozebud so seems a deal to me.

      A better price would be normally 210 but that's just me being pedantic.

    • +4

      Go buy some XXXX then, lol.

  • Thanks OP - trigger pulled.

  • +3

    Works out to be $75 per 24 beers, if others wanted a comparison to buying a standard carton. Good beer though, well worth the slightly higher price. (FYI: the code works for 2 cartons too)

    • +3

      Also these are 1.8 standards

      • -4

        Doesn't make it better.

        Otherwise 1ltr of $5 metho wins

        • The 1.8 doesn't make it better, the taste does though. Better than most beers on the market. Possibly the best beer, by my reckoning.

  • Thanks, ordered. One of my faves!

  • Thanks bought 2

  • +3

    The Imperial Biggie was probably the best beer I've ever had but I can't find it anymore. The NEIPA isn't bad but it's just not the same

  • trigger pulled, 2 for $99 is even better.

  • +2

    That’s a shame, code doesn’t work for 2 anymore.

    • The minimum spend for this coupon is $200.00. Bugger. Would have grabbed "just 2 cases.

  • I was interested in purchasing this but I'm still waiting on an update on the PirateLife deal that was supposed to be dispatched last week.. I think I'll pass on this.

    • These guys are very slow to post - that is usually indicated in their 'dispatch after' statements.

      • +1

        Hey @DrRalph, yes all our Happy Hour deals are pre-sales as the cases are often sent direct from the brewery. We always highlight the dispatch date on our Happy Hour page, product listing, and where advertised.

        Here is the dispatch date for this deal:

        *Offer available while stock lasts. No refunds or exchanges on sale items if you change your mind. Can't be used in-conjunction with other specials. Your beer will be dispatched on Thursday, April 23.

        For shipping timeframes feel free to check out: https://www.craftcartel.com.au/shipping-delivery/


        • Bugger, I missed the ‘Your beer will be dispatched on Thursday, April 23.’

          My bad. If I’d have realised, I probably wouldn’t have ordered.

      • +2

        I agree, they are slow to update orders as well. The PirateLife deal was supposed to be sent before Easter on Thursday 9th April. The response from their customer service was "these orders are a pre-sale and currently being processed to be dispatched", which didn't give any clarification on whether the orders were delayed or a tracking number for the courier company. I was contacting them after the advertised dispatch date for an update..

    • +2

      Isn’t the term more about the size of the brewery and method than who owns the place?

      • The term is definitely misunderstood. 'Craft beer' does not necessarily mean independently owned.

        • -1

          Perhaps not, but I really think it should be.

  • +3

    FYI Besk in west Leederville is selling cases of biggie for 57

    • They're $62 delivered direct from Feral if you're within a 50km radius of 6050 (which is a fair chunk of Perth). I know everyone has to make a living but I'd rather go direct than thru the middle man. Likely to be fresher too.

      On another note, anyone tried their BFH?

  • +1

    Ugh i haaaaaaaaaaaaated that beer when i had it last time

    …anyone want to go thirds? ;)

  • 375ML CANS

  • +1

    Great beer but $80 a carton is the "regular" price? Maybe when it was first released but I've not seen it at that price for some time.

  • -1

    What a ripoff

    • What's your comparison?

      • +1

        50c cans of pepsi off Amazon.

  • got my consignment note today saying order had been picked up by courier ,

    even though last time when there was a delay with my order after dispatch due to fastway i asked them what they could do and they just said if you make another order make a note in comment section of order and ask us to us auspost instead, so i did that with this order and looks like they just disregarded it

    i am hopeful that being in freo that it will be a quick delivery straight from brewery and not being sent over east then back to me again least fingers crossed that is how it will happen.

  • Hi Ben,

    Just checking in to see if all orders were dispatched as said so on 23/04/2020?

    I haven't received any confirmation of shipping yet?



  • My order has been dispatched out today, even though it was first said it'll be 23/04/2020 and then 27/04/2020 when I followed up… DrRalph is right on the money!

    • yeah this is my second tuesday happy hour first was the Yeastie Boys White Palace, being in WA i kinda get the short end of the stick in that even though feral brewing is a few suburbs away, my order got sent to sydney to be sent back to me thats efficiency in delivering right there.

      i wasn't happy with the delivery time of first order and the fact the tracking info was basically useless as fastway basically did not update it till it was already delivered. they said going forward if i made an order to make a note in the order to use Auspost or not use other courier, so i did that and low and behold they used fastway again

      so even though i got tracking info says order was dispatched last week who knows what fastway are actually doing with it.

  • +1

    Just received my order this arvo, and big poppa a can right now as I write this…

    Me oh my, this sht is tasty! Juicy like that nasty girl, got me all hypnotized. All those haters talking sht, you are dead wrong, you need to give it one more chance!

    • Got my case delivered yesterday and its fresh as, popping with flavour.

      • ahh! good to know. haven't received mine. Also in Perth.