Please Recommend Me and Find a Bargain on Dishwasher and Oven Replacement


The dishwasher and the oven in our home needs a replacement. So I am looking to replace both now.

I was generally happy with Bosch, so I am thinking to go with Bosch for both appliances.

I've seen few posts in ozbargain about Bosch's German made models. Are those German models generally better? Or is it just marketing?

The models I am interested are:

The cheapest price I found is from Appliance Online. They don't seem to have any discount for those at the moment.

I would be appreciated if anyone could help me find a bargain on those models. And/or recommend other models in the similar price range.

Thanks you!



    Check out your local Miele Outlet store.


      That dishwasher is still cheaper at appliances online isn’t it? And they do free shipping and removal of old device.


    The Stirling model at ALDI , or the EURO branded dishwasher at CostCo . I bought the latter and I've very happy with it, as it's quiet, washes well (reliably), has a 2 year warranty, plus I had another year added to warranty with my CC. After that you have ACCC warranty (as long as no wear and tear related problems).

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    Sign up to choice at
    Read through the reviews, and choose one that best suits you.

    Then use the ‘Choice Shopper’ service to find the lowest price for the model you have chosen.

    Seriously - it’s a great service, and you’ll almost certainly save a lot more money than it costs to join Choice.

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      Choice is free to join using your library membership. There was a post a few days ago.

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        I'm not sure, but I think that might only be the Choice Magazine that is available for free - the choice website still needs a paid membership to use.
        However - if you're in the market for appliances, it's money well spent.


        Thank you guys. I just signed up with the council library for the digital choice magazine.

        I'm interested in choice shopper as well. Do they usually find best deal of the item you are looking for? How much discount do you usually get through them?


    At the beginning of the year I purchased a Bosch Serie 8 dishwasher. At the time there were very good deals on the free standing version versus the under bench version. So much so that the free standing Serie 8 was cheaper than an under bench Serie 6.

    I had a really close look at the free standing and it appeared built on the same chassis as the under bench with just cosmetic differences and extra pieces. So I took the chance and purchased the free standing version and set about converting it to under bench.

    The top 'bench' on the free standing was easy to remove, with just some finger clips. The side panels are easy to remove with a screw driver, but can be left on if you prefer. The legs on the bottom are easily removed and reattached to the mounting points for under bench installation.

    The only part lacking was a bottom kick plate which I already had from the previous dishwasher installation.

    Result: Got the top of the line Bosch Serie 8 dishwasher under bench with the nice displays and functions, exceptional efficiency and low noise for less money than a Serie 6. It doesn't have a fascia that is quite as pretty as the true under bench model, but for $500 saving I made, I'm fine with that.

    <TLDR> The Bosch Serie 8 freestanding dishwasher can be bought cheaper than the under bench version and can be converted to under bench usage.

    Bosch Series 8 Freestanding Dishwasher, Stainless Steel (SMS88TI01A)

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      Sweet. Thanks for the reply. I hope they go on sale soon, so I can get then cheaper too :p

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    Check out Ikea appliances.

    Rebranded AEG/Electrolux and Whirlpool models, depending on the item you buy.

    5 year warranty and a bargain considering price and features.