Need to Buy 2 Phones: iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S20

Hi guys,
Thought I'd ask the experts.

Best way to buy these phones?
One option I am leaning towards is eBay.
Is that the best option?
Can be 11 Pro or Pro Max and S20 Ultra depending on the discounts I get.


  • Best option is buying from an actual store so you can get warranty when needed. Best price is probably from buying through some dodgy grey import mob. Depends which "best" you are after.

  • I've purchased Australian stock from eBay using the vendor Allphones when there is a 15% or 20% eBay coupon running.

  • Avoid ebay, claiming a warranty has been a nightmare for me in the past.
    Amazon on that matter has been excellent

    My recent phone was bought at JBHIFI on a 12 month Telstra plan, they gave me a $500 gift card (which I used on the phone) - worked out quite well (if they still have it running, just watch out and don't get conned into another not as good plan.

    Some… grey market, online stores are ok, just check what to do with warrenty if you need it.

    Huawei P30 Pro Dual sim - I'll never go back to single sim or Apple and Samsung again (IMO)

  • Best option would've been buying a 50% discount code for the S20Ultra which people were selling up until just a few days ago. Would have been significantly cheaper than any other available option short of stealing haha.

    Next best option now would be to perhaps see if you can find someone who has access to an EPP as sometimes they tend to do alright discounts. Otherwise if you're also in the market for a new plan, maybe look at JB/TGG for when they run their $500 port-in offers.