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All Core GitHub Features now Free for Everyone @ GitHub


Enjoy :)

As of April 14, 2020, GitHub announced that all of the core GitHub features are now free for everyone.

  • GitHub Free for organizations is immediately available and includes private repositories for unlimited users.
  • All organizations previously using Team for Open Source now have GitHub Free.
  • GitHub Free for individual developers now includes unlimited collaborators.
  • Organizations and individuals using GitHub Free will receive GitHub Community Support.
  • GitHub Pro will now include 2GB of Packages storage and 10GB of data transfer.
  • GitHub Pro now has a reduced monthly price of $4.
  • GitHub Team now has a reduced monthly price of $4 per user with no minimum seat requirement.
  • GitHub Team will include 3,000 Actions minutes per month for private repositories after May 14.

Techcrunch news article here.

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  • Thanks TA. I hadn’t heard about this one.

  • +8 votes

    Also don't forget about the free student developer pack, comes with GitHub Pro and a bunch of other goodies. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518371

  • Git gud.

  • Do you do git TA?

  • Glad to see Microsoft proving wrong all those people who believed it would turn to shit.

    • -1 vote

      Don’t know about “turn to shit”. GitHub has been in a slow and steady cadence for a long time. This seems inevitable given its Microsoft’s typical gateway drug strategy. Anything to make it easier to onboard you to Azure, etc.

    • Microsoft likes to play the long term. So from what I can gather from past experiences, theres a possibility they're trying to make Github a loss leader, and eventually force everyone into their own ecosystem once everythings on github and NPM.

      To be honest, they'll have to add a lot of features to stop me from just adding a new remote on bitbucket or gitlab if they decide to be a-holes. Microsoft doesn't have a good track record, thats why a lot of people believed it would turn to shit. It's only in the past 5 years that Microsoft has started to show signs of actually helping the developer community.

    • Corona Virus was clearly designed by Microsoft; Bill gates was anticipating it in 2015 in an evil scheme to increase the number of users on Teams while encouraging the use of 5G.

  • Github is now owned by Microsoft right?
    I think they are competing with Atlassian now
    (However, dont think Microsoft has any products that can replace Atlassian Jira and confluence)

    • Depends on the team and team dynamics. We moved from Jira to github projects and never looked back.

    • Microsoft have a lot of products that compete with Jira and Confluence. Whether their products are better or worse is subjective and many would disagree with me, but I find Azure DevOps superior to the Atlassian suite.

  • Al Gore GitHub

  • GitHub Pro = Entreprise edition?
    Can gitHub replace Azure DevOps (git+wiki+board+chat) ?
    Can it replace MS Teams to some extent?

    • GitHub Pro = Entreprise edition?

      No, GitHub Enterprise is the on-premises self-hosted version of GitHub.

      Can gitHub replace Azure DevOps (git+wiki+board+chat) ?

      To some extent most likely? I haven't seen chat in either GitHub or Azure DevOps though, so not entirely sure what you're asking.
      Some take the stance that Azure DevOps is better for enterprise though.

      Can it replace MS Teams to some extent?

      I'm not sure why anyone would want to do this…


        Correction. GitHub Enterprise is GitHub Teams with extra features, primarily in security and user management Available in both cloud and self hosted options.

  • +1 vote

    Google is the best that happened to Microsoft. So happy to see them going from an evil empire to an innovating company.

  • Can someone inspire me on what I can do with this? I don't currently do anything more than some basic data analytics / visuals / reporting at work. But keen to branch out as a hobby in coding and more technical IT.

    • I don't understand the negative vote on a comment like this.

      Try using a dataset you find interesting on Kaggle and pushing your code onto GitHub. Would be good to build your GitHub profile for future employers.

    • It's just useful if you want to do hobby projects in private - for example, if you think you could turn it into a little paid service or something like that. That's just one usecase, but I suspect a common one for individuals who do coding on the side / as a hobby.

  • Is this something a guy like me with no experience + knowledge of what GitHub is would benefit from?

  • Github has been owned by Microsoft since 2018. 'Free' + Microsoft == costly

    Anyone who puts their code on it will eventually reap the harvest associated with Microsoft's third-quintile "HelloUdemy" 'engineers' - whose latest effort on their unfinished-OS (Windows 10) is the reason your browsers are insecure… namely: Windows insecurity-patch 1903 borks Chrome's sandbox. All browsers - Chrome, FF, Brave, Opera and even Microsludge's Edge - use Chrome's sandbox (not sure about Safari, but it's not worth calling a 'browser'… it's so insecure it's practically malware. Surprising they can get so much insecurity into a codebase with so little functionality).

    It takes about a day to learn how to use git properly on your own server.

    The same warning goes for VSCode.

    But hey… let's all trust our code to MSFT.

    While we're being as naïve as a 4 year old, let's also all download the government's covid19 spyware and trust them to secure the data - and also trust them not to pass legislation permitting themselves to use the data for whatever they like. Coz Australia is a magical land where people who want to rule others can be trusted - as they have shown precisely never.