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Hisense 50" 50R7 UHD TV $573 Pickup or Plus Shipping (from $45) @ VideoPro


First time poster, long time user.

Been looking for a 50RG model which sold out, then missed the last ebay deal for appliancesonline for the R7. I believe this deal is cheaper - I think appliancesonline ebay was $720ish.

I purchased this deal for delivery today, and have previously used these guys for my last LG60" TV and soundbar a few years ago. This TV to be used as a second TV with some PS4pro gaming to be had and Netflix.

Hisense 50" 50R7 UHD TV, $573 (+ $45 postage to SYD) = $618
Postage guide: https://www.videopro.com.au/t-delivery-information.aspx

Deal available yesterday for $719

Hope this helps anyone interested!

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    Thanks for posting your first deal.

    Deal seems valid, JBHIFI for comparison is $708 delivered. This deal is $618 delivered.

    Couldn’t find it cheaper searching static ice.

    • +1

      Thanks for the StaticIce tip…never heard of it until now : )

      • No problemo, it’s an old tool/website, around the same age as Ozbargain 2006/2007, maybe older. Still sort of popular on ozbargain and whirlpool forums.

        Useful for comparing prices for tech and electronic stuff.

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    Decent deal. Need a second TV to mount above my PC screen.
    Shame I'm broke lmao

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    Thanks. I was hoping they had some 55R7 too but no such luck

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    Needing something bigger, anyone got deal for any 60"+ TV please?

    • Aldi one?

      • okie, will take a look, thanks!

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    I have turned off Hisense because of their propriety operating system - Can't even get a Kayo app.

    I think you are much better off going for an Android TV - TCL are cheap.

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      50RG has android, but also half of the motion rate - however couldn't find stock / a deal when looking. We have a 50RG at work which is on 24/7 (literally) and dealing fine. At the same price range, I sacrificed Android OS for higher motion rate, and can always plug in my Chrome later on if the apps aren't futureproof. Netflix the main app of use for me.

    • Thinking exactly the same for hisense for the exact reason. I am eyeing TCL 55X7 eventhough i am not really sure how good it is :) if I can find it around $650 I am gona buy it

    • +6

      I can't imagine wanting to use a crappy TV interface. Most people just use a separate media device; chromecast, apple tv, nvidia shield, etc

      • Yeah bought a TCL for the office, the android TV experience is so trash compared to my Nvidia Shield on the main TV.

  • This or the JB Hifi deal?

  • +1

    Or if you don't mind an older model. JB has the R6 55" for 650.

  • +1

    Very solid deal for a solid TV. Was wishing for a good deal on the 43inch for outside on the patio

  • You can get a TCL 55PM8 for 570 atm. Bigger and android tv.

    • What is the 55p8m like?(android faster than TCL old proprietary system? Have a full hd TCL 50 that's fine but itch to upgrade!

  • +2

    I got this from videopro pickup via eBay for about this price a month ago.

    It was the right size for its placement and a big step up from a 32 inch 720p Panasonic. Very easy to set up, easy to use controls, picture isn’t as good as the Sony of the same size (double the price) but better than say ffalcon or TCL when looked at side by side. IMHO great value as a second TV. It will be our main one until renovations are done. Sound from speakers is pretty good for TV speakers. Dolby vision, Atmos, HDR etc.

    On the negs side,
    App Store seems Limited as it isn’t full android and you can’t go to play store (unless you can and I can’t work it out) so apps are limited. I don’t care about that at all as I have an Apple TV 4K and it is essentially our main interface.
    Picture fades quite quickly at wider viewing angles and as usual when you get a new remote, you initially go “what where these clowns thinking, do they not appreciate the importance of user interfaces?” Before getting used to it and not worrying about it at all.

    Bottom line very happy with purchase but stare wistfully at similar sized brands twice the price. Get what you pay for.

    • +1

      Yeah I have been regularly looking at VideoPro, they had some decent open box specials last week on Hisense TVs, this price doesn't seem new or out of the normal for this TV from them, I'll admit I haven't been paying that close attention to this size as I was more looking at 65" R7/8 or PX OLED.

      • +1

        I would say this is the lowest direct price for VP outside an eBay sale. I paid $547.

  • Why can't I find this model on the rtings website?

    • US models are different. Different features too.

      • Who is actually good for aus TV model reviews /comparisons?

        • Might be similar to the 50H6570F

      • Damn, was hoping for the same product under a different model number like Sony and some others do!

  • i just bought 65" hisense p1 for $999.
    how is it compared to r7 series?
    sorry for the oot comment

    • Was in Harvey Norman a few days ago looking at the Hisense range, they had a P1 - Salesman said they are a designer (/fancier, different colour and stand etc) version of the R7 (not sure how much truth is in that though).

      Breakdown of the model range:

      • Interestingly, when I went and looked at HN the salesman told me that the P1 was the designer equivalent of the R6!
        I reckon they make it up as they go along

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    Just to let you know if you are thinking of buying one please pick it up from a store instead of having it delivered. Hisense has 2 days dead on arrival replacement warranty and counts from the date of purchase not date of delivered. If you receive it on the 3rd day and it doesn't turn on you will need to have it repaired instead.

  • I see that there is a 5YR Domestic Total Care Plan WDLCD1. Is it worth buying it?

    Because the price is 573 + 45(Shipping) + 99(warranty) = 717. Not sure if it's worth that price.

    • +2

      You'd be paying an extra 17% for a 2 year extension to Hisense's 3-year warranty. Probably not worth it if you're likely to update to a bigger/future-feature TV in three year's time.

    • +1

      If you usually fall / pay for retailer warranty, then its still worth your while / "worth that price" being $1 cheaper than the next cheapest deal of JB Hifi at $718 delivered. Personally I wouldn't bother with an extended Warranty unless it was manufacturer, even then i'm selective on the item type i'd take extended warranty for - certainly not a budget item / TV that already has a 3 year warranty.

    • Update -
      Item sent on Friday Morning, and received today. Fast shipping.
    • give a review plz, not that i can buy it looks like sold out, but i read some reviews on review sites they were saying its got a few faults that make it super annoying, like you turn off the soap opera effect and it turns back on after you turn the tv off, and some other annoying bugs

    • You are lucky, I was told that they don't have stock and gave me an option to either choose 55s7 or get a refund.

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