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[QLD] Free Mini Courses for Jobseeker Eligible Applicants and Displaced Employees @ TAFE QLD


A few mini courses on offer for free at TAFE QLD. Looks like you get a badge rather than any formal certificate. Not as good as what the other states have offered.
Another helpful link for those in QLD: https://jobsfinder.qld.gov.au/

TAFE Queensland’s micro-credentials are short, highly targeted courses designed to help you improve a specific skill. Our micro-credentials will help you improve your career prospects, maintain currency in your field, or allow you to try out something completely new.

After completing one of our micro-credential courses you will be issued with a digital badge, which can be verified online, giving anyone you share it with evidence of your capability.

Our isolearn micro-credential range is completely free, delivered 100 per cent online, and are self directed. Typically they take an hour or so to complete, but if you like, take your time, or do more than one.

To be eligible to enrol in a FREE skill set you must be a Queensland resident and a job seeker or worker displaced by COVID-19:

As a job seeker you must be accessing or intending to access Jobseeker support, or hold a concession card or evidence of submission to obtain a concession card or
As a worker impacted by COVID-19, you must be able to make a declaration to us that COVID-19 has had an impact on your employment (e.g. loss of income, displaced from employment or reduced employment, looking for alternative employment opportunities).

If you meet the above criteria you are able to complete multiple skill sets, however you will only be able to enrol in one at a time.

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    are other states offering certified courses? Can you do another state's courses if so?