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Palmolive Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash Refill, 1L /Sea Minerals, 1L $6.5 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Palmolive Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash Refill Sea Minerals, 1L

Palmolive Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash Orange, 250 mL $2.49

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    Another deal at RRP…

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      $7.69 is RRP

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      Haha… yeah I came here to post saying that this site is turning into OzInStock rather than OzBargain.

      Meh. I don't much care 'coz it isn't really that much of an increase to the signal to noise ratio around here but it is amusing what people think is worth posting these days.

      Still waiting on the Aloe Vera and Chamomile…

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    No deal here. Also noticing a lot more soap and toilet paper in stock at shops.

    If you're not desperate I would not be buying.

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      noticing a lot more soap and toilet paper in stock at shops.

      lots of sanitizer too at Coles.

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        which coles?

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          Keysborough, Brandon Park, Camberwell and Kew have all had some over the last week…

          The small 50ml bottles at each register, not at self-serve.

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    All good but -
    - yesterday in Coles Fairfield about 30-40 bottles of Coles 1l refill (max purchase of 2 bottles) for $3.

    • So it's not Palmolive then.

      Also go back today and see if there's any left (I bet there's none).

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        1) There again today (confirmed by family member who works there and further confirmed stock getting better by the day)
        2) It's soap :)

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      I'm noticing more and more stock in that store, but the toilet paper/handwash/tissues are non-existent when I visit.

      • Fairfield Gardens (BNE) had plenty of toot paper yesterday around 10am

        • oooohhh, Fairfield in QLD haha. That explains it :)

  • $1.62 per 250ml if you get the refill. I guess, if you truly need it and can't get it at the shops okay, but prices have slowly creeped up from $3.29/$3.69 (depending on if you want antibac) to $6.50.

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    The moment people stop hoarding and buying these things in bulk, we will start seeing these go back to the regular half price sales every couple of weeks. Till then, RRP it is..

    Similar to above comment, went to local IGA today, heaps of handwash in stock, and have had no issues re TP.

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    Need Dettol refill. Haven't seen that anywhere

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    Try to get rid of overstock at full price before everyone selling them at half price again

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    Aldi hand wash always below $3.5 for 1L pack.

    • My local has not had any hand wash stock for last month, which is why I grabbed one bottle from this deal as I was running low and this is still better price than buying 250 ml bottles.

    • The Aldi foaming ginger handwash smells so good. I haven't been able to get a refill for over a month now tho. Hoping it's back in stock locally soon.

  • $3 @ Coles.

    • I am sure many stores won't have stock though, unfortunately.

    • $3 for coles brand
      $6.5 for this on RRP

    • I usually get the Coles brand but there’s no stock in my area (Sydney Eastern Suburbs) at the moment.

  • Finally good to see this in stock somewhere!

  • There was plenty of different varieties in stock at my local Drakes @ this price.

  • I paid $2.92 last time and still have 4 bottles left to use for another 12 months.

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      Good for you.

    • Won’t last that long if you had three kids home schooling.

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    Bought one from the last deal. I'm putting them in the foam dispenser mixed with water (half half), will last me at least 10 refills and you don't have to spend more to have foaming soap.

    • Been doing the same thing thanks to a previous tip here. It's strange now how often I was buying handwash refills (foaming or otherwise) prior to that.

    • ooohh need to try that one, I like the foam, but always feel bad paying extra than the gel which seems better value.

    • Therefore reducing the effectiveness by 50%…..

    • There is research claiming foam soap is less effective than liquid soap - https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S019665531...

      • You need to read the entire report and not just the abstract to understand what they were investigating. The test subjects were using non-bio-active detergents and were not using the proper hand washing techniques.

        Foam and liquid versions of Method (San Francisco, CA) non-anti-microbial soap were compared

        subjects wet their hands with water, dispensed 1 pump of soap onto the palm of 1 hand, washed for 6 seconds, and dried with paper towel for 4 seconds

  • OZRRP ?

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    same price as woolies

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    i just bought a aldi one which cost me $2.75 only for 1 liter….

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      Back when they had stock?

      • 2 hours ago at burwood east aldi

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    Is there a way to filter out these hand sanitiser deals from main feed if logged in? Getting kinda tired of all these hand sanitiser deals myself..

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    No stock in my local area, none in coles, woolies & Aldi
    Happy to get at RRP, why not when its free delivery :) Thanks for the post

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    This is sold at half price at Coles and Woolworths every now and then.

  • Yes thanks op got one

  • There's no stock in supermarkets if anyone wanted to know

    And they not going to put it for half price sale anytime soon

    • my local Coles has the 1L foaming refills, $8 , in the past they had 50% at times, will again one day I'm sure, but at the moment people seen happy with rrp if there is stock …I'd rather rrp a mainstream product e.g Palmolive than a price jacked obscure product.

      Amazon deal are probably getting votes at rrp because you can order and know if you will get some, supermarkets are hit or miss with stock at the moment although price would be the same.

  • Gotta say, after a week or so of thinking something had died in my drain, I determined it was the smell of his hand soap. Smells like ear wax. Avoid. 👍

  • "Antibacterial" - so, what's the point?

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