Kogan Trying to Pull a Swifty?

So i purchased a laptop for my wife on the 5/4/20 on kogan, felt ritzy and splashed out for “express shipping” with their website saying it should leave the Wharehouse within 1-2 business days.

Now I understand it was the week before a long weekend and was not particularly hopeful on getting it beforehand.
Their website also is trying to cash in on Covid19 as an excuse for late freight but thats getting off topic.


Flash forward to The 7th, the item has been dispatched! Great!
So I thought…

Thursday the 9th before the long weekend, item hasn’t moved or been updated - not particularly strange as I assume it’s just aus post dragging their heels.

Gave it another week, still not moved. Still at the processing (or what ever the very start of the aus post % bar is)
So I emailed Kogan and asked if it has actually been sent. They assured me it had and it’s auspost problem, file a complaint with them. So i did…

the 17th of April (last Friday)
Hadn’t heard back from aus post but was feeling like kogan wasn’t been upfront. Emailed them and told them auspost said they haven’t received the item yet - whats going on?

Again they reassured me aus post has it and if I haven’t seen the progress bar move by the 21st to contact kogan support again.
I said ok, but if they are lying i will be filing a complaint karen style and wanting a refund.

Today… got an email from Australia post. They confirmed they don’t have the package, it was never sent. Only the manifest was, but no pick up was arranged.

So now what?

I would like a refund but feel like it’s going to be painful.
Would also like the laptop too as my wife needs it for work.

Is there anyway to push this through for a faster result? Anyone dealt with this beast and won?

Am I just being impatient? (Was naively under the impression express shipping would actually be less than two weeks)

What are my options for complaints or taking it further than kogan themselves as they have blatantly lied about the laptops movements?


I gave them an ultimatum email threatening a complaint with the ACCC and disputing the payment on my credit card if no reasonable response by today.

So Kogan has contacted me again today and said auspost has misplaced my item and asked for my postage address again.

I’ve requested a refund as they don’t have to dispatch another laptop that way and I’ve waited too long.

Lets see what happens…

******end result ********
Refunded full amount.

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    australia post have been very slow lately.
    good luck, hope it shows up soon

    • Thanks mate

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    Kogan dispatch is very fast, usual time frame I experience is 1 day, or less.

    I have bought beer a few times,and usually I get it delivered 48 hours I buy. Normal shipping.

    This time, its so slow, and Auspost provides no updates other than to say Covid 19 is busy for them, etc. No idea whats happening.

    Ive also noticed my usual Auspost guy is working Saturdays and Sundays. So Auspost must be under the pump

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    Best case will be a shipping refund from Kogan, but these guys are notorious for giving you the run around on exactly this sort of scenario.

    By the time you play all their games, the thing finally turns up and you basically give up because at least you've got your stuff … at least that's their go. Rag them to get a shipping refund, although note this could be a protracted process.

    • I’ve got a shipping refund on the way apparently ($4 woohoo)

      But what I’m worried about now is getting the run around for several more weeks as you mentioned.

      How hard is it to try canceling and getting a full refund?

      • Unfortunately everything about their dispute resolution process is based on stringing you along.

        Per above, by the time you get to someone who will actually address your concern (as opposed to a pre-canned response that doesn't address your specific issue at all), you then enter the world of "it's all OK, our records show this is fine, blah, blah".

        They'll tell you a cancellation is not possible as the item has already left … yada, yada, yada … the thing finally turns up and again, you basically just give up because at least you've got the item.

        The moral of the story is that Kogan are "OK" in terms of getting you product at a decent price, but don't use them for anything like an "urgent purchase". Always leave plenty of lead time for anything you're expecting from them.

        • With this knowledge in mind I’m trying to take a firm cut the rubbish approach and not leave room for stringing along.

          They have just replied that auspost has lost my item and asked me to reconfirm my postage address.

          I have replied that since they have misplaced the item i want a refund as the item is currently not dispatched so a refund is possible.

          Lets see what they come back with.

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    I’d do a charge back and buy elsewhere.

    • Is that via your credit card? Or with Kogan?

      Thats what i would prefer.
      Took a chance on kogan to save a few bucks but now I’d rather stick to an actual physical store for big or important items in the future.

      • Via your card provider, not Kogan. You've been more than reasonable in your expectations from the sale, however the seller has not complied.

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    I know Auspost has been very slow in processing in Sydney facilities. Had parcels lodged to the network and sent to the facility on between 6-7th of April only for it to be finally processed through the sorter and scanned thats its actually with them between the 14th-18th. On the other hand, Kogan might be marking as parcels as dispatched but have not actually packed and sent it to auspost yet, or there was an issue with your order and they completely forgot about it. The domestic logistic network is also very slow at the moment and is barely recovering right now even with additional government subsidised flights (if your parcel is going interstate).

    • alot of my work involves sending parcels and letters with Aus Post. have been told my our account manager that they are 'spraying' all parcels with disinfectants and leaving them for a few days in the warehouse regardless of whether its express or not. they arn't spraying everything though it seems (looking at tracking), mainly interstate parcels.

    • -1

      I feel like it’s just Kogan playing games. Read multiple reviews and it seems to be a common practice, I probably should have done that prepurchase (hindsight)

      Not all domestic logistics are slow at the moment, i work in interstate logistics, if stuff needs to Move interstate it will move. Generally your agent (aus post/fed ex/etc) Wont hold packages for a prolonged time as they don’t have room at their sorting facilities for that sort of stuff.

      If there is big delays it’s likely someone hasn’t sent it or your items are quarantined (which isn’t for long and usually only overseas items)
      Covid19 isn’t really slowing down transportation it’s just giving people an excuse to send things late.

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    Isn't that a classic eBay move? Marked as shipped (including shipping tracking number) but not actually posted? That way they've done their 'posted in so and so days' because they've got the tracking number and then you've got a passing of the buck.

    I would imagine if AusPost had it, the tracking number would say "Received by Australia Post" or something that states it's actually in their possession. At least that's what my tracking says when I lodge something at the post office

    • That’s what i assume too.

  • Post is hit and mist on some items at the moment

    Some stuff has shipped and arrived normally , others have been in week+ limbo for me

  • I once bought an item from kogan. It was marked as posted within a few days. Item was received in three boxes (large item with assembly required). Each boxes was received 2 weeks apart. So it took 6 weeks to arrive.

    • Did you put in a complaint?

      • Several, plus gave the a terrible review. Fat lot of good that did

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    Talk to Kogan customer support 1300 304 292.

    Tell them you are going to fair trading if you can't get anywhere with them.

    Then file a complain if you need to.

    It might take 2-3 weeks for DFT to get back to you, but they are very helpful.

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      I pulled out the big guns this morning despite not knowing what I’m doing haha

      I emailed and said i want this mess cleared up and someone to speak to me today or i will file a complaint with the ACCC and put in a fraudulent transaction on my credit card.

      Not sure if that was wise but I’m frustrated…

  • I am having the exact same issue with my items from the adidas sale.

    The tracking shows that shipping information was approved, but there was no record of the item being 'picked up from sender'.

    Seems the standard response is that "Australia post is having delays". I would be fine with that if there was an actual scan from Australia post, but there is nothing to indicate it actually left Adidas.

  • Sounds like the Aliexpress mail scam.

    Sellers get punished pretty severely for delaying sending of items, so what they do is send out a manifest for shipping. This show the items as posted, but not picked up. So, you get a tracking number but no movement.

    The other postage scam is to use a fake or old tracking number that is stalled at a sorting centre. This gives the appearance as it was sent, but never moves. 2 weeks later (when their stock arrives to them) they will say “item send back to us, not our fault.” and issue you with a new tracking number that works.

    100% Kogan is doing (A). They have sent out a request for postage, but marked it as don’t pick up yet. That way there is a tracking number, but they are waiting for enough orders before they put in a bulk order for your item.

    If you want the laptop, at least ask for a refund on the extra you paid for shipping. They won’t refund it to you and will probably just give you a Kogan credit…

    • Apparently im due to get the express post back ($4 hell yeah)

      What you’ve posted is essentially What I figured they’ve done. As I mentioned above in a reply, transportation is my field and many years ago i worked for startrack (auspost) and know how they work.

      What surprises me is that companies like Kogan can get away with it.

      I don’t know if there is a channel to go through to make them accountable (not just for me, for everyone getting the run around)
      It’s more the principle to me, thats why I’m annoyed.
      Don’t say it’s Covid19, it’s at Australia post etc just say you haven’t sent it…

      I’d be annoyed, but not thinking of trying to get a refund if that were the case.
      This current situation is just insulting.

      • $4!!! A win for the little guys! *Fist_pump_Success_kid_meme.tif*

  • With only a few exceptions, it seems that this is the Average Australian Customer Service, which is mediocre at best.

    Something like this happened to me but with Later Gator, bought something around March 25th. Was sent, received a tracking number, didn't update for 2 weeks and then when Later Gator contacted the shipping service they "were told that they (shipping service) couldn't find the package". So after 4 weeks, they sent me an email saying I would receive a full refund.

    So it's better to ask a refund, check Jb-Hifi, office works or even Amazon and try to order it from them. I know they might be more expensive but you already lost a few weeks trying with Kogan.

    • Yeah i think I’ll be steering clear of online stores like kogan in the future. At least for important/expensive items.

  • So they reckon they will refund me…

    will it happen??

  • This is just for closure in case anyone is curious and or searching similar questions later.

    Refund was processed. Got the whole lot and postage back.
    Turns out throwing out the big guns you know nothing about (in my case Threatened calling the ACCC and lodging a fraudulent transaction on my credit card) works quite well.
    I sent an email and gave them a deadline and they rang me immediately.

    Hope this helps.

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