Best Supplier for LPG Gas

Hi there,

I'm living in a house that uses bottled gas for everything (gas cooktop & hot water).

Probably not the most efficient set up as our family chews through a 45L gas bottle approximately every month.

Just last week our supplier Elgas bumped the price of the 45L bottles from $110 to $147. Rang them and they said gas prices have gone up and it is what it is.

My question:

  1. Anyone know if there is a cheaper bottled gas supplier out there? And are there options to buy bigger gas bottles and would they connect the same in my current 45L fitting on the wall?

  2. Is there possibly a better long term solution to change entire hotwater system to maybe a electric/heatpump system or something. I'm not too technical and have no idea of the approximate upfront cost with a different setup.

Any comments/advice appreciated. Thanks!


  • This really depends on where you live, but in my area Gasshed is the best..
    Not sure about the price increase though, I guess that might happen too if the gas price has gone up.

    • I'm in Brisbane. Ya just seems quite a jump at over 30%!

      • :(

        All the best man… Hope you can find a better alternative

  • Why not get a 9kg bottle and refill at most places yourself for under $20?

    • Never bought the 9kg bottles before surprised they would be proportionally cheaper. Would think the bigger the bottle the cheaper they are!

      • A gas compliance certifier told us that a 9kg bottle wouldn’t be sufficient to power a gas hot water system, if it were just a stove it would be okay. Plus if you go through 45kg in a month, you’ll be changing a 9kg weekly.

        Don’t fall for a suppliers’ BS about the wholesale price rise, shop around all the suppliers that service your area, compare and negotiate. There are cheaper options out there, but you will have to do the legwork. They will all raise the price on you every order, but do your market research before every order and call their bluff. You can get the new customer offer most of the time because the good suppliers would rather keep you at the lower rate than lose you if you stand your ground. Same applies to pretty much everything, electricity, insurance, etc.

        • Thanks I'll definitely ring around to compare a bit!

  • Got supagas. Get one bottle and second comes free deal! And excellent service. Something like $110(approx) total for 2 bottles 45L together. Cheers

    • Is this a new customer once off deal thing or you can continue to buy 2 for the price of one. Sounds too good!?

    • I've just rang up. The first purchase is $105 for 2 bottles and ongoing bottle swaps for $105 if you use them for at least 2 years. The deal sounds decent I might make the change! Thanks a lot!!

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