ALDI Xfinity or Ozito Battery Adapter to Ryobi One+

I am trying to find an adapter for Aldi xfinity >> Ryobi. Or. Ozito >> Ryobi Li ion batteries. Does anyone know of people making or selling them? Even guides to make a 3D adapter



  • 3d printed adaptors are available on Gumtree.

  • I think this might be the guy you are looking for:

  • I have seen them online, but it may be worthwhile reading this

    • I've read that article and I would honestly say it felt like it was written by someone paid to write it by the tool manufacturers who have a vested interest in people NOT being able to swap batteries.

      Just to address his first point around electronic communication - I don't know of any actual comms in place within the Ryobi ecosystem that the tool communicates with the battery in any way other than actual power draw. I'd be really interested if anyone could prove me wrong..

      His other points made earlier are valid but overstated. Yes I don't recommend you charge nicad batteries with a liion charger (duh!). Yes I don't recommend you ever use a 18V battery to power a 9.6V power tool (just because an adapter allows this to happen (duh!)

      But if you use a multimeter and you can see the identical or similar voltages that two vendors batteries are putting out - it's fairly safe to think that the tools will function within spec with either battery - if the appropriate connectors linked up.

    • He’s talking out his butt. Most tools are dumb. They just require the battery to provide a voltage. The battery contains the smarts to turn itself off when it’s flat. You probably shouldn’t use a different charger to your battery as there may be some communication between the two.

      Having said that a review I saw somewhere said one brand, possibly the new makita range, was putting the battery control stuff in the tool. Seems like a dumb idea to me, means every tool has to have smarts in it when everyone else figured out you can have one controller in a battery to run a dozen dumb tools.

  • Years ago, before 3D printing I hacked the base off the cheapest tool I could find (a torch) to make my own adaptor to use GMC tools with a ryobi battery. Gutted the dead GMC battery and stuffed the ryobi torch base in. Was pretty ugly but it worked.

    I’ve seen a few on eBay, but typically these aren’t for Aldi year, more like ‘pro brand’ to ryobi. So tradies can buy a cheap skin for a task but use their other batteries.