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Giorgio Armani Code Colonia Eau De Toilette 125ml Spray $12.99 (Was $119.99) In-Store @ Chemist Warehouse


Update: Seems as though this is still available in-store at the same price currently. However could be store specific so going to mark as expired anyway, could be still worth a try.

Greetings everyone, seems like an awesome price on this cologne :)

Only available for C&C, seems like plenty of stock around in most states.

Seems to regularly hover around $100 on all other stores, possibly a price error but worth a try!

As always, enjoy!

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  • I just got a sms saying order cancelled :(

  • Order confirmed and then cancelled

  • Bugger off..after getting the confirmation email “your order is ready for collection” just received another email your order has been cancelled . What the crap… I think if someone is can pick up ASAP they might get lucky..give it a go

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    You saved yourself 12.99
    Doesnt smell that good at all!

    Try Diesel BAD.

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      Person who negged me is probably the same person who bought 9.

      • +2

        ….but he has 5 brothers and 3 kids!!!
        he wouldnt buy 9 just for himself and to resell for profit or anything like that!!

  • Cancelled as well 😡

  • I'm guessing we have no hope in WA. Awaiting my cancellation.

  • +1

    Apparently this comes with an added and improved ingredient that is "antibaterial." No wonder it is selling like hot cakes.

    • well, it will be spraying into your armpits, I sure hope there's at least a little antibacterial chemicals in there. :)

  • CAN STILL BE BOUGHT AT THIS PRICE IN STORE. I went down and bought on in person no problem. Website stock seems to be accurate. Just a block on click and collect clearly

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      Which store?

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      Can you upload your receipt please?

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    Macathur NSW and Lidcome NSW also cancelled orders.

  • City store order was just cancelled, I just went into Neutral Bay store and picked up the last one for $12.99, it scanned that price on the check out!

  • Just collected mine!!

    Still some on the shelf for full price

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      Which store?

  • Ordered and payed for three online - got an "order cancelled" messsage 5 mins later….? no explanation provided.

  • Ordered one for my partner, got the 'your order is ready for collection' email, he went in to get it and they wouldn't give it to him!

    • which store?

      • Maryborough QLD, we live in Hervey Bay but he happened to be working in Maryborough today.

  • mine cancelled from Virginia QLD.

  • Went to 2 stores. Both refused to sell at that price. Said it was a head office mistake. Pricing error.

  • Order cancelled

    • +1

      Same here. They gave an option to wait for stock. Minutes later after choosing this option they cancel the order. I ordered other items too.

  • Went to 3 stores all refused or no stock price error!!

    • …essential travel, huh?

      • All near same area last stop was to supermarket

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    I just picked mine up from chemist warehouse, they said just as I picked it up they received an email from head office saying to cancel all the orders. But I was still able to collect mine

  • +1

    now $129.9

  • Click & Collect Order Cancelled! End party guys

  • just got cancellation text and email…booooo :(

  • got an email/text saying ready for collection, then a text saying order cancelled…….

  • Hmmm which other store eg. Myer would do a price match?

    • …LOL, myer no. maybe officeworks might though…?

    • Sorry mate, chemist warehouse is grey stock import so no

      • Even if it wasn't grey stock import, myer still wouldn't price match.

        • if it's listed as an authorised seller on the manufacturer website, you will be able to price match it, excluding clearance items and below cost price. If you cant match it, call 13 MYER, someone will be able to fix it for you.

          • +1


            and below cost price

            Pretty sure $13 is wayyy below cost.

            • @Ughhh: Chemist is always grey stock and not authorised reseller lmao

              • @nguyentran: … My point is even if CW was an authorised stockist, myer would never price match, especially at $13. Myers "cost price" is incredibly high.
                They've rejected to price match a brands websites before, stating "cost price" from their folder.

  • just got mine cancelled.

  • Just called up - looks like they had some in stock, but when they realised what I paid for it (after looking up my C&C order) - they said sorry that's another product it's different to the one you purchased. Clearly an error which they don't want to stick by!

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      With these kind of deals it's always best to just wait it out as opposed to calling up and alerting a real person to what's going on.

  • Called up and was told Head Office requested all orders involving Armani perfume to be cancelled

  • +2

    thanks doweyy….very entertaining deal! 😋😄😋

    • +2

      It literally cheers me up this morning after 4 weeks boring self quarantine lol

      • +3

        …all deals should be like this.

        its like watching 50 hoarders trying to get the last pack of toilet paper in the supermarket. 🤣

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    why would they take the $$$ and then cancel with no reasoning. Can anything be done about this? its not our fault they stuffed up and put wrong price

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      Computer says no.

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      you should go to ACCC, United Nations, write to your local MP and start a large protest …. such behaviour by those billion-dollar companies shouldn't be tolerated

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        i want my money back plus some (what is an acceptable price for 5 min of excitement, followed by sudden sense of loss filled with grief and concluded with life long anger)

      • To avoid a potential fine for ignoring social distancing laws, virtual large protest

  • -3

    Order around 8.30am and picked up from Rose bay store just now. Thanks OP

    • +6

      Member since 4 mins ago - YEAH SURE YOU DID MAN

  • +9

    Just picked up mine! My local store is bit smaller than most CW and is always understaffed. They’re usually too busy unpacking items with no time to read emails :)

    Choosing a smaller store usually helps!


  • Cancelled but showing in stock for $119. Cancellation email says you can choose to wait for stock… wonder what would happen if you showed that in store with a bottle in hand?

  • Literally cancelled after a "ready for collection" text as I was speaking to a staff member there, missed out by about 30 seconds.

  • Damn, got an email said ready for pick up but when enter in store said order was cancelled because of price error. Any idea?

    • +3

      i think your email has an idea in it

  • Cancelled !! If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is !!

  • Order cancelled. Site back to $119

  • +4

    First email: order confirmation
    Second email: ready to Click & collect
    Third email: Click and collect order has been cancelled


  • …its almost like there isnt a corona pandemic going on?
    did i miss a press conference where armani colognes became 'essential'…hard to keep up with all the latest covid-19 stuff!

  • +1

    They withdrawn my money out of my credit card so they better put it back in ASAP. Came a member for nothing.

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      their t&c states any price error they keep all funds

  • I bought

  • Ordered at 8:24am, ready to collect at 9:11am and I went in and picked up at 9:47am!

    Thanks OP, great deal! Also picked up some Dettol hand sanitiser 200ml for $5.99!

  • +1

    Head office has demanded the cancellation of all orders. Is this legal?.They took my cash and the sale went through. They cancelled on the grounds that they made a pricing error. They should honour it!

    • +9

      You should report them to the police. It's an outrage.

  • Got a pickup confirmation text, will see how I go

    • Picked up, no issues. Thanks OP

  • Got cancelled

  • Incorrect pricing info:

    But then this:

    Wrong price
    Where all units of the same item have been priced incorrectly or are scanning incorrectly at the register, the seller does not have an obligation to honour that price. In these circumstances, the seller is within its rights to correct the error at the register by offering you the item at the correct price (provided this is done before your payment is accepted).

    A seller can’t attempt to correct the error or claw back any money after they have processed your sale and accepted payment, as the transaction (and the contract) is deemed complete at this point.

    A real case:

    • +1

      Did you manage to argue with them and claim the item in store?

      • Nope. the order got cancelled by email. It seems pretty grey. If you have purchased something over the counter and paid it is final but no one can really say if that is the same as having paid online. Maybe we should try a class action lol

        • I thought the order would be cancelled when I placed it, but what makes me angry is when I entered in store they said the order has been cancelled. Like someone grab back the meat which is just 1cm away from your mouth. :(

  • Order confirmed, I drove to the store, and got a text while I was trying to pick it up saying it’s cancelled, telling me there’s no stock - guaranteed they are just hiding them out the back..

  • +1

    Phone rings: "honey, your order has been cancelled by head office"…um who is this ??

  • I got some email saying I could cancel order or wait for stock. I chose to wait for stock, so hopefully ill get it.

    • Same here. Also chose wait for stock.

    • +1

      And… cancelled.

  • Rang the Annerley store in Brisbane (website shows stock) and got a very blunt "they're not 12.99 mate they're $120."
    Pricing error perhaps? Definitely not available.

    • +1

      …ozbargain must be keeping em busy this morning 🤬🤬🤬

  • Got one instore - was apparently a price error. They should not have let me have it

  • Just had my order cancelled & paypal refund

  • Cancelled and refunded via Paypal.

  • do people already know what this smells like or just purely buying because it's cheap?

    • it contains alcohol so It can be used as hand sanitizer =))

    • I looked a reviews before ordering, seems pretty popular