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20-25% off Sulfora Premium Broccoli Sprout Powder (High Sulforaphane Levels) + Free Express Shipping @ Sulfora


Hi Guys!

I use this product specifically to obtain sulforaphane but it's also perfect for those who aren't fans of green veggies and/or want to keep up good nutrients.

Turns out a friend of a friend (literally) runs this brand which sells premium broccoli sprout powder that has been bred and optimised for super high sulforaphane yields. Their yielding is actually insane. 100grams of normal broc sprouts yields about 250mg of sulforaphane, whereas Sulfora's powder yields about 2,000mg of sulforaphane per 100 grams.

They're currently offering 20% off using the code (STAYSAFE20) on all their packs. They also offer a monthly subscription with no obligation that gives you 25% off every order. You can usually get free express shipping in Australia.

Their powder comes in 100% home-compostable sachets and can be mixed simply with water or juice. The powder is also made from natural high-performance sprouts - it's not an extract or supplement.

I wanted to share it with you because it's an Australian business and one of the best products of its kind I've ever found. Plus, sulforaphane is incredibly good for you.

If you haven't heard of sulforaphane, their website has heaps of information on it. Basically, it's a compound found in cruciferous veggies that has been studied a lot since the 90's. Some of its benefits include supporting general wellbeing, immune response (big one now), detoxification, cardiovascular + cognitive + liver function, cell regulation etc. (taken from their website). Some of my friends use it to help manage chronic inflammation issues.

Highly recommend and stay healthy during these crazy times!

NOTE: This is not hocus-pocus or alternative health rubbish. Just Google sulforaphane and you can find all of the amazing studies that have been conducted on it. They don't state their product can do all of those things for you. They talk about the benefits of sulforaphane and that their product contains high levels so do your own research before criticising - they are a friend, after-all :D

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