Has Anyone Actually Received Their Refund from Their Travel Agent (Aunt Betty, BYOjet, FC etc.)

I was originally planning to fly to Korea /Vietnam over Easter but as Korea was one of the early outbreaks, Vietnam Airlines had actually cancelled flights in early March.

After many hours on hold, I finally managed to get ahold of Aunt Betty via phone and they confirmed via email - "Your refund will be processed by the airline and can take approximately 12 weeks"

I thought 12 weeks is OK considering we didn't have to pay any exorbitant cancellation fees or put up with credit. However, in I'm starting to think in 12 weeks time there might not be an Aunt Betty or FC anymore so I'm getting nervous.

What's everyone's experience has been like getting refunds on booked travel during these uncertain times? And how long did you wait? 7 weeks and counting for me…

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    Received a full refunded
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    Awaiting a full refund
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    Received partial refund (minus cancellation fees)
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    Awaiting partial refund (minus cancellation fees)
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    Received travel credit
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    Awaiting travel credit
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    Flight is cancelled but still awaiting response
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    Still trying to cancel booking for upcoming flights

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  • aunt betty. cancelled end of feb, refunded about 3-4 weeks later.

    • did you get charged cancellation fee? If so, how much?

  • Aunt Betty flight cancelled, have not heard from them for over 4 weeks. I now have a chargeback request with my credit card. I live in hope

    • Update. Wow received the charge back on my credit card. I’m amazed though happy

  • +1

    Flight Centre will still be around. They raised $562 million this month in the sharemarket. They now have cash to last them a while.

    • Yes, and another $200m from existing lenders. I think the likelihood of them going broke, at least this year, is very low.

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    Flight Centre group are a disgrace :(

  • StudentUniverse flight cancelled and they refunded full amount within 1 week.

    • Good to hear Travelo, just wondering airline you book with. We booked our virgin flight via student universe, not sure if we will get the refund.

      • AirChina. They are really good airline and I've flown with them before. They were the first to start issuing refunds.

    • +2

      Did you just sign up here to boast?

      btw, who uses their full name and employer as their username? I would suggest you change your username so you're not traceable.

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    They're going to be holding onto to that money for as long as they can. Hopefully forever from their point of view.

    They work to remove your money instantly, with as little interaction on your part as possible. So usually you push a couple of buttons or swipe a card.

    And then it takes 16 weeks to refund it. While they wait to see if you forget about it. Or go away in frustration as you step through all the arbitary inconveniences they set up to discourage you from seeking a refund.

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    I requested and was approved for a refund at the end of Jan 2020. It's been 13 weeks now and I still haven't received the refund.

    • Name and shame?

  • +1

    Gotogate. Would not recommend.

  • Awaiting AMEX chargeback from BYOjet

  • I requested an Aunt Betty refund for Phillipine Airlines on mid-Feb. Still hasn't appeared

    • did aunt betty say how much is cancellation fee?

      • It was zero at the time

      • Just got my refund

        • @Thrawn did you get charged any cancellation fee? and how much?

          • @jdkong21: No cancellation fee.. got the full amount. No Aunt Betty fee. No airline fee because they rescheduled the flight

  • Haven't heard from BYO re my cancelled flights will start hassling them for a refund next week

  • Budget air cancelled flight
    No response as yet

  • Byojet - Malaysia airlines : flight is on Sept 2020, got reschedule / cancel but no refund offer. Blaming government restriction.

    • Have not heard or been offered any refund for flights that were cancelled by Singapore Airlines booked through ByoJet as yet.
      Not happy Jane !

      • my is months out of that government restriction, Malaysia airline have 3 flight that day and the one i got canceled. BYOjet try to spin on government restriction .

  • Package booked through Expedia and they’ve been absolutely hopeless. Been trying to get something in writing from them since mid March to claim on my travel insurance.

  • Had 2 Holidays planned. a cruise in April and Japan/Hawaii/Las Vegas in June.

    Royal Caribbean - Put in refund request early March, nothing yet.

    Flying with Singapore airlines using points to Japan and from LA back to Sydney. Put request mid April, nothing yet. Waiting for points to go back to the account and taxes refunded.

    Flying with China Airlines from Japan to Honolulu. Applied for refund online mid April, got the refund back in 7 days.

    Hilton Hotel. Request for refund Mid March, nothing yet

    Flying with Alaska airways, no refund but they did give gift certificate to use. (this was booked using online travel agent (mytrip). I couldn't get through to them and they weren't responding to emails so got on the online chat with Alaska airways. At first they told me to contact the travel agent and I told them I was having issues getting through to them so they gave me a gift certificate which I was fine with that.

    Hotel in Japan and Las Vegas was refundable so got that back.

  • Booked virgin flight via student universe, we called student universe and cancelled the ticket today, got an confirmation saying that it is sucessfully cancelled and will get refund (90% of ticket price), but there is no turn around time when the payment will be refunded.

    Fingers crossed.

    Will let you guys know the update.

  • i booked flights with Skiddoo. I initiated a refund process on about 5 April - nothing yet.
    They said would have ato wait 6-8 business weeks. Business weeks? never heard of that before.

  • +3

    Hey guys. I work in the travel industry at a senior level. The regulators have been putting a lot of pressure on everyone in the industry to do what is right during this time. A letter went out to everyone in the industry a few weeks ago and the paraphrased message from the regulators was "regardless of what is written in the PDS, we expect you to treat customers fairly during a time when many are losing their jobs and financially stressed. We are watching you and will take action if we dont feel you are doing what is fair"

    This message can clearly be seen in the news released tonight.


    My message to you is expect 100% refund and if you are not getting it, start lodging complaints. If you have already gotten a refund and it wasn't 100%, ring them up and demand it and if no joy, lodge a complaint.

    As you can imagine, every executive team in these organisations right now are reviewing liquidity and solvency models but what you probably dont know is that all of those models assume the customers are being refunded 100% back.

    Keep pushing, these guys gouge you hard with their commissions and there is usually not much you can do but right now you have some powerful government organisations on your side.

    By the way, the worst I have heard so far is one Airline having an internal policy of 6 month turn around on refunds.

    • Thank you for taking the time to keep us all informed.

    • Thanks @BrewBob for your post to keep us informed of what has been happening behind the scene.

      Would you know if this free cancellation fee applies to online Travel Agent like Aunt Betty (apparently owned by Flight Centre)?

      • This article from the Australian Frequent Flyer states that "This new policy also applies to other businesses that are part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, including Aunt Betty, Travel Associates, Student Universe, Universal Traveller and Byojet Travel."

    • After some pushing, Aunt Betty is offering $100 per person as cancellation fee and $55 rebooking fee (for credit). As it is becoming a common knowledge that Aunt Betty is owned by Flight Centre, how do I escalate this, not knowing where else to go? FLight Centre stores nor it's hotline contact have access to Aunt Betty booking! Aunt Betty hotline (if can get through) and email response is based in Philipines, anyone knows of any email or phone contact in Australia for Aunt Betty?

  • This is the email I received from BYOjet in regards to my Singapore Airlines cancelled flights. Anybody else receive the same email ?
    Note the line that says " Kindly delay any contact requesting information regarding your credit. We are currently prioritising all customers that are trying to get home."

    "This email is to advise we have placed your tickets into credit (on hold). This is either by your request or because the airline has cancelled your booking. An email will follow in 7-14 days outlining how to use your credit. Kindly delay any contact requesting information regarding your credit. We are currently prioritising all customers that are trying to get home.
    Thank you for your patience as we respond to the world’s reaction to COVID-19. We are beyond proud of the professionalism, resilience, kindness and patience our customers and staff are showing in this unprecedented situation.
    Kind Regards,
    Ps I don't want a credit just a straight REFUND.

  • +1

    Flight Centre and I guess Aunt Betty and BYOJet are no longer charging cancellation fees if the supplier cancelled the service. Round 1. Unfortunately some airlines are still withholding refunds in contravention of their Conditions Carriage, I’m looking at you Etihad :(. I think above poster is right, keep up the pressure! Etihad has $1700 of my money and didn’t provide the service I paid for. I don’t want a voucher to travel to Europe next year.

    • I agree keep pushing for a refund.

      • Hi all

        My flight with Cathay was cancelled and Aunt Betty said end of March they will refund me the amount less $250, I’m still waiting after 10 weeks, should I call them regarding the $250 fee given Flight Centre said they are waving it? AB website seems to be down and I’m I usually on hold for hours which automatically hangs up after 1 hour in the queue.

        I had paid 1100 for the ticket and then in Feb paid to change the date to April for another $200 fare difference, they are basing my refund on the original 1100 - 250 fee, and they won’t explain why they won’t refund the additional $200 fare difference.

        • I would try phoning again. They’re not so busy now. I got answered quite quickly when I phoned Thursday morning. Refund will depend on Cathay policy but the $250 sounds like the original AB cancellation fee which has now been waived. My refund has just been submitted, 12 week wait they said.

    • I am in the same situation, booked with Etihad, my return leg was after they grounded all flights yet I cannot get a refund, they are only offering a voucher for future use. The booking agent is also going to charge me $100 pp rebooking fee!

    • FYI after a fair bit of pressure Etihad has caved and will refund flights cancelled due to Covid. So contact them or your travel agent now to put in your request…

      • Great to hear.

  • Have been told I'll be getting a refund from Thai airways but not tour group Topdeck (who is owned by Flight Centre) who I was travelling with. Instead I'll be getting a credit.

    Do still intend to travel but bit worried how the tour group will survive. What are the chances they may go the same way as Virign Airlines?

    • +1

      Just keep pushing for a refund

      • Rang BYO (0281032107) and requested a full refund for cancelled flights on Singapore Airlines which they agreed to and processed, sent me a confirmation email advising that the turnaround time may take more than 12 weeks for the funds to appear in my account.
        Now we wait some more. Very happy not to have to deal with BYO again after I get the refund .

  • +2

    You can register your interest with Slater and Gordon solicitors if you wish to potentially be involved in a class action lawsuit against airlines and travel agencies that have issues travel vouchers in response to COVID-19 related travel cancellations.

    It costs nothing to register your interest.


  • citilink still waiting 2 months due at the end of this week

  • Waiting on refund from gotogate which they said I will get.
    I even contacted the airline and they said it's been processed from their side already.
    They didn't say a time frame.
    It's been 1 month, do you think waiting 3 months is reasonable before investigating other avenues?

    • +2

      Amazingly, I actually received my refund from Gotogate!

      The refund was confirmed on the 21st of March (via email), but only processed 1st June, and received the money in my account 10th June.

  • Finally received refund from Trip.com, the flight was cancelled around 20+ March.

    • Great !

      • Less baggage fees ($110) though because apparently that is non-refundable :(

        • "Less baggage fees ($110)"
          Most companies don't have a problem giving a refund on baggage fees but offer a voucher for future use for flights.
          I think they are using that as an excuse to cage some money.
          I would contact them and complain also ask if they will give you a $110 credit for future use.

  • Booked some flights to Europe last year. Flights canned so emailed aunt & got auto replies. So gave up, called American express & they credited account straight away but said it wasn't a refund until aunt replied or didn't in a certain time frame. American express said I would get letter when funds refund finalised or aunt objected but can't see how they can, so waiting.

  • Good to see some folks here get their money back! Anyone have luck from Aunt betty (for VN airlines)? Had a trip to Korea/VN booked in March and 12 weeks is up but still no refund yet… Going to try get on the phone with them today

  • still waiting for skiddoo to refund me - they quoted 10-12 weeks on 6 April… it's 10 weeks as of yesterday.
    their phone number goes STRAIGHT to answering machine… grrrr

    • Mate I've been quoted 12 weeks since mid march from aunt Betty and still nothing.

      I've called multiple times and they claim they only have just received the money from the airline and are now processing the money back to us… Looking forward to another call this week

  • +1

    I've lost track of time, was promised full refund from Flight Centre for my flights for May 2020 via China Southern.

    Still waiting on refund but have it in writing so am not too fussed.

  • UPDATE after about 4 months go waiting (cancelled 11th March), we've finally received the refund back into our accounts TODAY!

    Seems once a full refund is confirmed, it just seems to take ages to get the money back from the airline (VN airlines), then another few weeks from the travel agent (Aunt betty) to process into your accounts

    Good luck to everyone else still waiting

  • have anyone bring this to NCAT or VCAT (victoria)?

  • Received this from BYOjet today - No refund Yet !

    "We have checked our latest statement and can see that we have not yet received your funds from the airline. We are currently receiving over 2000 refunds per week that we are processing back to our Customers.
    As soon as we receive your funds we will pass them back to your original form of payment.

    Kind Regards,

    • Finally received my refund from BYOjet today. I'm glad I will not have to deal with BYOjet anymore !!!

  • got refund for China air flights to Europe, but not Thai flights. Thai are in admin like Virgin here, so been told might only get a credit.

  • My Flight Centre refund (China Southern flight) is coming.

    Flights were due to occur in May 2020

  • +1

    Flight Centre(BYO Jet/Aunt Betty etc) will survive. They will just be smaller, with less physical offices & more people working from home.

    It's look like Virgin are taking 5 floors of the FC offices at southbank.

    Travel agents/tour operators with low overheads will survive. Many now work from home, so stuff all office overheads.

  • I've been waiting for about 12 weeks and still waiting for my refund of about $1350 from Skiddoo. I initiated a chargeback with Citibank last week, so I'm expecting to have to wait another couple more weeks before I hear back from Citibank. Funny thing is, several weeks ago, there was a pending refund from Skiddoo showing on my list of transactions when I checked online. The refund stayed in a pending status for about a week and then it disappeared without actually giving me my money. They are impossible to contact at the moment. Absolute joke of a company.

    • Hopefully it get resolved quickly for you :)

  • I just got an email from Aunt Betty that I can convert my Travel Credit in a JB-HiFi, Myer or Good Guys voucher. Would love a cash refund … but this looks like an alternative compared to the travel credit.

    • I just received my AB Credit Voucher, was a bit peed of about the 12/2021 refund but your comment made me a bit happier, how did you get that done?

      *edit, just rang and asked for a refund instead of a credit since it was quite a bit of cash. she said it will be returned to credit card, which will bounce since it is gone. after that they will send an email for new cc details. so hopefully in four weeks I get something back….

      • I have now received the refund in full

    • Hi there, how long did it take to receive the gift card? I processed it last Wednesday and still not yet received…

  • full refund received here

  • Booked via travelonline to Fiji around 12k for 2 families was given travel credit. Anyone recommend to push for refund or have different experience with them?

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