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[Wii U] Splatoon $16.95 + Postage @ The Gamesmen


Splatoon is on clearance on the Gamesmen website for just $16.95
Thanks to Doweyy: "If you want to offset the delivery cost a bit, you can get it from their eBay store(ebay.com.au) and use "PBOLT15" to get it for $20.35 delivered."

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The Gamesmen
The Gamesmen

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  • If you want to offset the delivery cost a bit, you can get it from their eBay store and use "PBOLT15" to get it for $20.35 delivered.

  • As someone who still actually plays Wii U, best decision I ever made was jailbreaking it a couple years ago.

    Load every game you want off a thumb drive AND 1:1 hardware emulation of GameCube ROMs w/ gamepad support? I love my damn Wii U so much more since unlocking it's full potential.

    • Not sure why this got a down vote. Every time a wiiU is on ozbargain that’s all that people talk about.

    • Can you play actual GameCube games off the original disc or does it have to be a rom?

    • man, seems sweet, a link to an ELI 5 guide ??

    • "unlocked' my 3ds, just picked up a wii u, didn't know they could be unlocked too!. REtro super mario sunshine/majoras mask/master quest time! Is it difficult to do?

    • awesome.
      I just got a modded Wii U. Will have to ask you for some tips.

      I want to put on Retroach but not sure how to do it.

      Also, which controller can I use to play GameCube games which doesn't suck?
      am using wiimote x nunchuck, but it's a bit awkward on many games.


      • I never used Wii U for "emulation" per se, I use it only for Wii U, Wii, and Game Cube games, all of which are running natively AFAIK.

        For GC games you have a fair few options. AFAIK Nintendont lets you hook up PS3 remotes, and just about everything that runs on Bluetooth. Me personally, I used the Wii U Pro Controller, and a Wii Classic Controller if I was doing a two player game… until I finally got around to installing a "forwarder" for Nintendont to run it on the game pad itself, that's the only way I play GC games on the Wii U now.

  • Wii U? More like Free-U
    ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡° )