Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cheap?

Hi all,
Thought I’d ask the wise ozb community if there was a cheaper place to buy Nintendo Switch Online 12 month subs?

I saw some super cheap ones on eBay, but we all know the risks…

Also saw some on g2a, but they’re Japan, Europe, US. Do one of those work in AU?

Thanks in advance!


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    "Nintendo Switch Online cheap?"

    should be

    "Where to buy cheap Nintendo Switch (Online)?

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    Check the classifieds. Plenty of people buying the family membership and selling off the other spots to reduce the cost to ~$7/year for each spot.

    • Oh I understand the ebay listings now! Interesting!

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        Check classified section.

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    I got a spot on someone’s family membership via the classifieds here. Very easy to do and cheap!

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      I’ve learnt something today! I didn’t know ozb had classifieds. Thank you all!

  • I will be looking to set up one for myself and my nephew so will have some spots free by end of this week

  • @denvenpru, if you have any spot left, i'm interested to have one spot please? Please PM me. Cheers

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    it's already pretty cheap for 12 months, so i don't tend to roll the dice too hard to save what few bucks i might

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