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[eBook] Free: The Vegetarian Cookbook: 1,000 Easy & Delicious Vegetarian Recipes $0 @ Amazon


Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? Have more energy throughout the day? And start feeling vibrant and more confident about yourself?
This Vegetarian Cookbook Will Help You:
•Start losing fat with a wide variety of delicious vegetarian recipes
•Increase your energy with nutrient dense vegetarian recipes
•Adapt different vegetarian recipes into your meal plans
•Learn how to make simple and delicious vegetarian recipes to transition into the Vegetarian Diet
•Feel more confident as you maintain your diet with a wide variety of vegetarian recipes

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    Getting "not currently available".

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      Click on the “AU link” at the bottom of the description.

      I get the same error if clicking on the “Go to deal” button.

    • You're lucky then.

    • Not working

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    Get the hard copy and eat the book!

    • Tastier?

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          Book choy

    • +13

      Wait until you see someone use “pretentious” and “snide”.

  • +18

    Oh look, another post where meat eaters show their complete inability to scroll on past without having to have a sook. And they say vegans are the the snowflakes who have to force their views on everyone…. still yet to see a SINGLE vegan or vegetarian post without negative comments from meat eaters.

    • -1

      So how many vegetarians would I need to cook all 1000 recipes? And would it be easier to catch one with a tofu burger or a kale shake?

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        Oh wow, you're so edgy.

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    Downloaded fine for me. Thanks Op! 👍

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    Not setting up an amazon account, anyone able to share external?

  • +1

    Thank you :-)

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    Downloaded fine! I had the same problem with many other vegetarian cookbooks in the past. thanks OP!

  • It's American though. Everything is in ounces and fahrenheit and so on :(

  • Noob question here: How do one read it without a kindle? Can we convert it to pdf format?

    • There is an online amazon cloud reader (read.amazon.com).
      PDF is not available for DRM issues.

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