Gift Card to Buy iTunes Card

Hi just wondering if anyone has used Woolworths gift card to purchase iTunes gift card? Is there a restriction in this? I think I’ve read some where it isn’t allowed but couldn’t find it and don’t understand why not either. Thank you for all your help!

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    Can I use my Gift Card to buy another Gift Card?

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    No, you cannot buy a Gift Card or eGift Card with a Woolworths Gift Card.


    You previously could but now the kiosk will throw an error.


    Thank you so much glad I checked


    AFAIK both stores (Coles and Woolies) have closed the loophole where you used to be able to buy gift cards (any kind, including Visa/MC prepaid, iTunes, and physical stores) with discounted supermarket gift cards.

    So 15% off iTunes pretty much remains the standard rate for d/c for iTunes, at least until Amex Vogue Fashion Night or Shop Small where you can get them for 40 - 50% off.