Looking for IT Consultant (Website / database)

Hi All,

Been doing a health care project this year and trust that Ozbargainer hive here has lots of talent to tap into.

Apologise upfront as my background is health care so not really IT savvy.

We are looking for people that live in South East QLD (preferably Brisbane) AND who has worked in or has good technical knowledge about ANY following sites and software:

1) Genie Solutions (either Genie Desktop or Gentu Cloud)
2) Medical Objects
3) Shexie Practice Software
4) Clinic to Cloud Practice Software
5) Wotif.com
6) Booking.com
7) Hotels.com

Please PM me :)

And yes remuneration will be great and if this takes off you will be offered as a business partner!



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    If your interested in making something yourself. Check out bubble.io
    Learning curve is small and you can make some pretty complex websites.

    I’ve made a comparison site coming from no knowledge at all.

    • Thanks! Will have a look.

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    I work with Genie Desktop on a weekly basis but not a dev or living in QLD. It's terrible software in my opinion though ;)

    • They got a monopoly in the market, so probably no motive to change…

      • Yeah most of the specialists are with Genie. It's arguably better than the alternatives like Medical Director Bluechip.

        • Yeah, that's from what I heard too. Would be good to buy shares in Genie :)

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    "And yes remuneration will be great and if this takes off you will be offered as a business partner!"

    …That old chestnut

    Good luck.

    • Haha.

      I was gonna put down that this will revolutionise the private health care system that we are used to and that it would be great to be partner for decades. However, lets get the prototype up first :D

      • I hope you're not designing an online hotel booking system for Covid forced quarantiners? :)

        • Nope. I don't think the returned traveller gets a say on where they are quaranteed?

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  • Why not advertise through normal channels? Seems a bit dodgy.

    • To advertise online on normal channel (I presume like Seek) they actually need a company and the cost is prohibitive.

  • Sunnybank here

  • can you tell us more about this project?

    • In essence, make an online booking system for specialist appointment from scratch.

      • So a booking system that ties in with Genie/Gentu and similar to the other big solutions like HotDoc, HealthEngine, Healthsite, Appointuit, Medtech etc?

        • Yes, definitely need to tie in with Genie/Gentu.

          The other websites you mention are targeting GP appointment. As far as I'm aware of Myhealth1st just started treading into this field but limited to private hospital.

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            @IWoNdEr: That's not entirely true. HotDoc is generally the biggest booking platform for GPs and last year they announced a partnership with Genie to develop a joint booking system. According to my account manager at Genie the release is very soon.

            Though in saying that HotDoc rushed a booking system out for the federal government funded COVID-19 clinics and screwed it up big time. Fortunately a better solution is on the way :)

            Also take HealthEngine for example. They support Genie and a dozen other products.

            • @Clear: Thanks for the link to genie website there Clear. Look forward to see their product soon!

      • Like Mr Skin?

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