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Oppo Reno Z Jet Black 8GB/128GB $395 Delivered @ Auditech (Price Match $375.25 @ Officeworks)


Auditech offers the Oppo Reno Z 8GB/128GB in Jet Black or Aurora Purple for $395 (including free shipping Australia wide).
Officeworks beat the price by 5% to bring the total down to $375.25

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  • Price match is not bargain (not my rules xD)

  • I would not recommend this phone. Bought one for my girlfriend in February, went well for a month or so then performance went to crap. Was able to sell it for what we paid, and went with a second hand OnePlus 6. Much better phone.

    • Yeah I bought it for my bro. He really wanted it. I was hesitant but meh we bought it in the end. I have a v30+ and I think its an outright better phone (for $399 that is).

    • Lol One plus belongs OPPO.

    • Pretty dodgy of you to sell a phone you knew was in poor shape to somebody

      • So what phone would you buy for <$400?

        • If it has to be absolutely under $400 and a local stock, then probably Realme 5 or Oppo A5 2020. However, anything that has been released after 2019 with a Snapdragon 6xx should be better than this crappy phone with a Mediatek processor.

      • It's not dodgy if I let him know the cons of it and he still agrees to get it.

      • I told him it had slowed down a bit since we bought it, but he was fine knowing it still had about 10 months warranty from Officeworks and a out 22 months through Oppo.

    • Cool story bro. Have you ever heard of a hard reset?

      Bought this for my gf and it's going great. Her fingerprint sensor seems better than the one on my S10+

      • Haven't heard of a hard reset, we just tried smashing it with a hammer.

        But actually we hard reset a couple times, but didn't want to be stuck with a phone that would need a hard reset every 1/2 months.

        Tried taking it back to Good Guys but we'd had it too long, and they expected a 2 month turnaround for repair as this was at the start of corona season.

        OnePlus 6 has a finger print sensor on the back which seems to be faster than most screen sensors I've tried. Definitely faster than the Oppo.

  • Not much of a deal when this is been regularly sub $360 recently, and is currently $399 everywhere

  • 360 at optus store still..bought it for mrs a few weeks back

  • Got this around 8 months ago. still going strong. Recently updated to ColorOS7 - Android 10. Its not officially available to download yet in Australia however if you change the region on your phone to UAE and go back to software update - you can download Android 10. And yes its an official version. I think its quite a good phone for under $400.

  • Too bad can't root it..

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