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$10 Flat Rate Cheap All Day Parking in Sydney's Newest Car Park


Hi guys - we watch parking rates and this deal is currently the cheapest in Sydney.

Wilson Parking just opened a new car park at Darling Quarter (Commonwealth Bank Place)
1-11 Harbour Street, Sydney NSW

Rates are all flat:

Entry between 6:00am and 9:30am $10.00 [exit before 6am following day]
Entry between 9:30am and 5:00pm $25.00
Entry between 5:00pm and 6:00am $9.00

Weekend Fees
Saturday $9.00 [FREE on Saturday 23/9!!!!] <—- that's even cheaper than parking on the street!
Sunday $9.00

We watch for cheap parking and this is as cheap as it gets! If you don't believe us just do a search and compare the options.

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    not bad, keep it up

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      Yeh it's pretty decent - The next cheapest is $12 a day which is at the entertainment centre (a bit further out of the way).

      This one is a few blocks down from Town Hall.


    I wonder where the entrance is, because I wouldn't want to go around the block several times.

    Is google maps correct?


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      I believe you turn left off Harbour St (headed north) at the set of lights at Day street (the street that joins Harbour St and Bathurst St before they actually meet).

      It only opened yesterday so it is brand new. I will send our team down there today to survey the site and let you know.


    For early bird special, what time do we have to get out of the carpark by?


      There don't seem to be any restrictions on the exit time. The signage and operator website just refer to the required entry times.

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      It's pay on entry at the moment so it's only entry time that's controlled at this point. As it becomes more popular/finished, they can control that as needed.


    This is great! Thanks op

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    1. More info on the precinct http://www.darlingquarter.com

    2. Entrance is under the Commonwealth Bank Place NORTH building (via Day Street, off Harbour Street)

    3. Nearmap.com.au is better than Google for finding it online (Google Maps WAY behind for aerial pix)

    Hope this helps someone.


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    its an absolute delight if you want to visit darling harbour


    i work upstairs in CBA , (entrance is through HARBOUR street, it is located on the NORTH tower( the once closest to IMAX)


    cheaper compared to Melbourne…
    Early bird rates? we have $8 or $9 if enter by 9am and leave after 2 or 3pm
    Short term parking is $12 plus an hour here.


      Yes - Sydney is pretty expensive!

      The average daily rate is $55!

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        Really? Wtf! You'd spend more money on parking than you would earning to cover the costs of parking :P


          Yeh it's a crazy town. If you use our website or app (www.carparking.info) we will help you find the best deal on parking for your specific stay based on your destination!

          The range for all day parking is between $10 and $142 - so it's pretty important you pick the right car park! Basically each car park suits a different stay (ie. some are cheap for an hour but really expensive for all day and vice versa.)


          Toggle between closest and cheapest and you will notice some of the pricing is more than double for a further away car park!


          it is lucky if you get $10/day. so $50/ month, if you hire car park from some of the tenant in the apartment, as least cost you $50 as well (price 10 years ago). that is good for the cbd, if the parking is cheap more people drive to the city, the traffic jam will be very bad, even know, if you drive from broadway to circular quay during the day, it might takes you more than 1/2 hr, coz of too many traffic light and traffic jam.


    One thing to note is these are only introductory promo rates as it just opened, not permanent for when it's established.

    I here there were all of about 6 cars parked there this morning, being its first day!


    No motorbike parking?!


    Even suburb parking lots have motorbike spaces these days, hard to believe a brand new parking in the city doesn't have bike spaces.


    Thanks! Perfect timing for me, a wedding to attend to at Darling Harbour on Sunday, woohoo!


    Parked today for early bird, $10 is paid on entry to the operator exit before 6am next day. He also advised this sat is their launch day will be open for free parking


    Parked for free today, thanks!

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