Kogan 4k TV's Peoples Experiences?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has had success with Kogan 4k TV's. Most of the reviews seem generic and there doesn't seem to be much information on them. Been looking for a 4k smart tv with a budget around $400. Have had my eye on this: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-50-smart-hdr-4k-uhd-led-t...



  • Been quite disappointed with my 50 inch Kogan bought six months ago - Used mostly for Netflix and PS4 (non-pro version), and image quality is quite poor - quite noticeable when compared to my regular HD 60 inch SONY that is four years older than it, yet is far superior. I am told 4K content is better only if you have the input (so not free to air, most streaming services)

    • Okay thats good to know, thanks.

    • Are you referring only to the upscaling of non 4k content? Can this be fixed by using a media player such as the nvidia shield? What about refresh rate, colour, etc? Thanks.

      • Never tried using Nvida shield or similar - to be fair kind of defeats the purpose of buying a cheap TV if you have to buy a $400 device to improve it. Colours/blacks etc are foggy. Cannot say for refresh rate

  • I've had this one for a little over a year now and so far its decent for the price. I was orignally after a Hisense but couldn't resist the price.


    I use it with my Apple TV 4k and PS4 Pro. The colour and picture quality is great but it lacks all the fancy processing features of a big name TV such as Sony. Fast scenes look blurry and can be hard to watch sometimes.

    I would personally fork out more and get a decent brand.

  • Mine broke very quickly (red line down the side of the screen) and the return took a long time.

    We replaced it with a Hisense.

    • As above, if you have any issues/faults Kogan are a nightmare to deal with….not worth the money you save.

      I would buy in-store for something like this

  • Had my (Series 8 KU8000) 55" Kogan for 2 years, no complaints. As long as you go in with the appropriate expectations given the price they are fine. One button on my remote did not work, they quickly resolved this by email and sent me out an extra remote.

    I don't watch any free to air TV on it, so not sure how they would look but I watch Netflix / Prime / Stan etc through a PS4 Pro and Xbox one S. Watching 4k Blurays, 4k youtube video it comes up well for a cheap TV. I've played my Nintendo Switch on it which comes up fine and is 1080p or lower depending on the game.

    Mine was advertised as having a Samsung panel, if that makes any difference, I'm sure it was a panel that did not make the cut for Samsung's TV's hence they flogged it for use on lower tier TV's. It's worth noting I did not buy the smart version as I've heard smart budget TV's OS / menu tends to lag.

  • Kogan never has it own brand of TV and few other products.
    generic brand from factories and print in Kogan.

  • I have one of the older 4K Curved TVs I got about 3-4 years ago and for the price, I love it. Quality compared to my newer Samsungs/TCL's isn't as good, but I'm not one of those people who worry about picture smoothness being a 9/10 compared to the Kogan being a 6.5-7/10.

    It still looks great for me and does the job at half the price.

    Also when I bought the Kogan TV, it came DOA (screen was cracked). Within a week they picked up the broken TV and gave me a new one.

  • Just don't. Hisense makes a lot more sense if you are on a budget. Excellent customer support and 3 years warranty.