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3M N95 (P2) Respirator Mask 2 for $15.9 ($7.95 each) + FREE Delivery @ Shopping Square


Add 2 or more items into cart and apply the coupon code to get the offer.

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Items are shipped from Sydney Warehouse within 2 working days.


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  • hmmm, might need a bigger bag of popcorn

  • What is your cost price for these?

    • Lol 😂 😂

    • If they came via airfreight…. well, a lot to be honest

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    How can it be N95 if there is no filter. Where are they made, whey are they so expensive?

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      How can it be N95 if there is no filter.

      N95 is (US) the rating for the mask. The whole mask is a "filter"

      Where are they made

      I believe 3M manufactures their masks in South Dakota.

      • 3M has factories in various countries

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        Point is that it's not stated in the advertisement.

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    It's already sailed….

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    I approve the backlashing comments like I did for the pregnancy formula post.

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    total rip off, a box of 10 before was $30

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      Where was that?

  • I thought the masks were free when I saw the Promo Code

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    Not good value

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      Can you post a link where they're cheaper, thanks. I'd get a couple if they were a little cheaper.

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        office works had 2 for $10 maybe a week ago

        • Thanks razmoo, I'll keep an eye out there.

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    Time to pack up & move on.
    $8 for Each n95 is just ridiculous.

    • agree… I had a look at their site
      the most basic surgical face mask, they want $5.95 for ONE

  • Sorry OP you are paying too much for these and the market is flooded bringing the cost down for consumers. Good luck though

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    There's a VERY high chance these are counterfeit, you can check here:

    There's also a PDF on that page about avoiding counterfeit masks, and recommended pricing, 3M have not increased their prices, list price for these masks is $1 to $1.31usd, so about $2.20aud including GST…

    The Aussie 3M site has a link to report local scammers, counterfeits, and such:

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      There's a VERY high chance these are counterfeit,

      That's a very serious allegation. Have you got any evidence to back up your claim?

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        Shopping Square are known for selling counterfeit items at times and with the flood of counterfeit masks on the market at the moment common sense suggests there's a high change these are not genuine…

        If anyone is silly enough to pay these price gouging prices and they can not be confirmed genuine on the above site, I suggest you lodge a paypal claim and recover your money…

        DO NOT PAY Shopping Square by credit card, if you do and anything goes wrong you probably wont be able to get a refund, and if you do it will take months…

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          Shopping Square are known for selling counterfeit items

          Do you have any evidence for this one as well?

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            @Krogers: Yes, I have received counterfeit SD cards from them in the past, if you Google around you'll find plenty of info..

            • @FLICKIT: Hi FLICKIT

              Shopping Square is selling genuine memory card only.
              If you have problem with your order, you may PM me with detail. I might be able to help

              • @danilochan: As I said, that was in the past, after a couple of bad experiences with SS I haven't touched them in recent years, it's just not a trustworthy company…

                So are these 3M respirators genuine and do they include the relevant codes so their authenticity can be confirmed?
                Go grab a pack and check for yourself, then report back to us if they are genuine or counterfeits…

                • @FLICKIT: Thanks for the useful information.

                  is the code allow to be validate multiple times? e.g. If our team validate the products on our hand, could our customer validate it again when receiving it?

                  • @danilochan: So you're not willing to sacrifice one item to confirm your not selling counterfeits?

                    • @FLICKIT: We confirmed that all of our 3M stock are genuine, and it can validate more than 1 time. Thanks for the useful link again.

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              @FLICKIT: Was about to say the same thing. Have purchased memory cards from them and have been hit and miss. Some are legit, other are counterfeit. I dont know if it is them doing it, or they just buy the cheapest stock they can and their suppliers are sending them the counterfeits.

              In the past I have had 2 claims, both escalated to PayPal because they said I was scamming them and refused to refund. I had to phone PayPal and send them proof that the cards were fake. Each time they were using the memory size glitch where it looks like you are getting a 16gb card and its only a 1gb card with a messed up data table.

              Another time I was sent a laser printer instead of a memory card. They said they would not refund me until I returned the printer to them, AT MY COST. They wanted me to post them back the printer they sent in error at a cost of about $60, so I could get a $18 memory card sent out to me. Needless to say after 6 or so years, the printer is still sitting here waiting to be picked up.

              • @pegaxs: All of our memory cards are supplied by authorised distributor, and sold with warranty. If you have any problem with your purchase from Shoppingsquare, you may PM me with the details. I might be able to help.

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    Can anyone advise where you can get these for a decent price ? Thanks.

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    do these masks have retail packaging?

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    Masks are made where???

    If china no thanks…

    • I’ve seen a few times on the news that China was the biggest producer and exporter in the world.
      This is more than likely due to price but In fairness it would still need to meet certain quality standards.

  • Chemist warehouse have 10KN95 masks for $39.99.

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