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Inkbird Wi-Fi BBQ Thermometer IBBQ-4T + New Instant Read IHT-1P - Both $135.20 Delivered @ Inkbird eBay


Inkbirds latest WiFi Thermometer with 4 coloured probes Plus Inkbird rechargeable instant read thermometer - both for $135.20 delivered.

Not the cheapest as the Wi-Fi 4 probe had been $99 before and the Instant read had been $27.30 before. But this is still a good price if you cannot wait (like me).

These are good quality thermometers at a much much lower price than the industry leaders and still have great features.

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    • I have purchased 2 similar thermometers like the amazon one you linked. Both worked fine for a few months but ended up providing inaccurate readings after a while, and the range was not that great.
      I got the wifi inkbird linked by OP for around $120 a few months ago and have not looked back. The App is fantastic and readings are very accurate. I wish I invested in the expensive one from the start.

      • I've gone through 5 or so of the cheaper options. They have all failed me after a few months of use. Mind you, my last Inkbird instant read (old model, not the one included in this deal) died after 4 months. It's reading 75C now in Perth's perfect weather.
        Inkbird has offered to upgrade to this new model for the price difference. So their after sales is not too bad.

  • Ink bird 6 probe + Free instant reader for $88 fair bit cheaper

  • N00b question: Can someome explain a usage example of the Wifi BBQ thermometer? I couldn't get my head around using it compared to the instant read.

    I suppose it's only useful when leaving the BBQ lid open, plug in the wifi thermometer while waiting for the meat to cook?

    • yep. Good for long cooks. I use it for smoking which takes anywhere from 3-10 hours. Wifi keeps constant connection via the app and you can track how the temperature of the meat and ambient BBQ temp is going over time.

    • No. Most uses is with a "closed lid" like a smoker or a Weber. The cable is heat proof and will go through all BBQ lids. So, one probe for the griller surface (as opposed to the lid temp on most built in. The other probe/s into cuts of meat. Or even different BBQs goind at the same time

      • yea sorry thats right. I misread the question. However, you could certainly use the temp probe for open lid BBQ'ing if you wanted to simply get an indication of the internal temp of a piece of meat you are cooking. If that's all you need I would stick to a cheaper instant read thermopen which is bundled with this deal.
        Most uses for the wifi 4 probe thermometer are for closed lid BBQ or oven use.


      Basically, you can have a continuous temp read & an alarm on your phone/tablet. Without having to be at the bbq. Whether it's prepping other stuff or having a beer elsewhere.

      I use it mostly for steaks & roasts. Steaks because the household likes different temps, roast you can measure different parts of the beast & move it around if it's cooking unevenly.

    • That's without the instant read thermometer. I reckon having both is essential

      • Forgive my ignorance, but doesn't the linked 4T device give a constant read of temp anyway - what does the instant read thermometer add?


          Yeah i have no idea why you'd need both.

          Although I do have a quick (sub 3s) cheapie ~$10) i got from Amazon.

        • The multi probes tends to be much slower, think 20 seconds, to read stable temperature. If you're coming on a closed lid BBQ or smoker or oven, which you always must, then that will let all the heart and goodness out.

          So, the idea is stock a probe or 4 or 6 around to be ocd with temperatures. Then use the instant read for final check to be completely ocd

    • But doesnt include the instant reader?

    • Gonna order, cheers

  • Can it be used in a normal kitchen oven?