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OUT OF STOCK LEGO Creator Expert 10272 Old Trafford – Manchester United $379.99 + Delivery @ Build & Play Australia


Have been looking for sales for months, here it comes.
RRP normally is $449.
Unfortunately, you need to pay for shipping. Yet, the total is still cheaper than the RRP.

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  • It that smaller scale like the Architect series?

    • it's 1:600 scale. assembled dimensions are 6.5” (18.5cm) high, 18” (47cm) long and 15” (39cm) wide.

  • +2

    Very nice set with the level of details.

    Need to afford a bigger home to showcase it first though.

    • +5

      Does it come with the Pogba checking his instagram figure?

      • The question is: is he still going to be based at Old Trafford by the time the season resumes… ?

  • +5

    Waiting for Anfield version.

    • +5

      it's going to get cancelled. like this season

    • -1


    • +6

      Never going to happen for an unpopular club.

    • -1

      Maybe they were waiting for the new stand developments, but that’s delayed another year now.

    • +6

      Me too, cat needs a new litter box.

    • +4

      I'm waiting for the Opal Tower kit to be released.

      It will be PERFECT for kids - kind of affordable upfront, but with several critical components missing you need to rebuild your masterpiece ever 2-3 years.

      • +1

        I hear it's going to be a collaboration between Jenga and Lego.
        You take the role of the builder behind the project and see how many structurally-critical pieces you can leave out before the building starts to topple over and has to be condemned; the player who removes the most pieces without the building falling over wins (and then Phoenixes their building company and makes off with all of the profit).

        • I would TOTALLY buy that.

  • New item. For kids, not collectors. Please read FAQ.

    • +1

      Q: What does ‘for kids not collector’s mean’?
      A: Collectors generally want their boxes to be ‘Mint’ flawless without any sort of dents, crease, shelf wear or any kind of imperfection. That can be quite unrealistic and that’s why we label our products unsuitable for collectors. If buying for someone who is going to open the box to build it’ll be fine.

  • +1

    Damn that's a cool set.

  • I guess wait for Myer 20% off with free shipping.

  • $50 + delivery to Perth?
    $390 delivered from IRJB

    • Was considering that but it said “ May have slight box creasing”

      • No different to this deal.

        Read the comment above regarding the "New item. For kids, not collectors. Please read FAQ." under the title.
        If you're actually going to build the set, the box shouldn't really matter. All of mine end up in the bin.

  • +2

    Yikes… I really want this but I just can't quite justify 400 bucks. Waiting for another sale here!

  • really interested in this but having just spent $650 on the hogwarts castle i'm quickly running out of space (and cash) to display my colleciton

  • +8

    Does it collapse in a heap just like the actual team?

  • +1

    $25 for delivery yikes.
    Myer ebay doesnt seem to stock this one though

  • +2

    I'd need to get a table to display it that has 2 shorter legs so it can start mid table and slide towards the bottom

  • -2

    False advertising.. the picture should be of a toilet

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