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New Balance FuelCell Echo - $60 Delivered @ THE ICONIC


I had a voucher to spend at The Iconic and came across this great discount. Unfortunately, my voucher doesn't work with this bargain at all. The shoe was $160, is discounted to $120, and has a 50% off applied at checkout currently. If you apply any other voucher or coupon the 50% off no longer applies so I'd be silly to use up my voucher on this. Perhaps someone else might give this a go. It's supposed to be using the tech from other FuelCell shoes (Rebel or Pursuit) but in a more wear it everyday style shoe. It'd debatable if you want to wear this every day :) - the pink sole is a bit of a turn off for most. I still think it's quite good at $60 delivered.

Here's a review. They say it's good for runs up to 8 miles (12km or so).

No idea when this finishes but at the start of the week this was $160 reduced to $120 with 30% off at checkout (so current special is way better).
Sizes available currently US (9,11,11.5,12)

Also available on a similar deal (racing option not recommended for everyday runner due to very limited cushioning - uncomfortable for most during longer runs)
New Balance 1500v6
https://www.theiconic.com.au/1500-men-s-867550.html size US (8,8.5,9,13)
$180 reduced to $135 with 50% off at checkout = $67.50

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    They say it's good for runs up to 8 miles (12km or so).

    interesting never thought about shoes not being good enough to run more than a set distance.
    I just thought better shoes possibly last longer and maybe were a bit lighter.

    • yeah - I think it's more about comfort for long-distance. Take the extreme racing shoes (spikes). Awesome for short sprints but not gonna cut it for a half or full marathon for most people. Some runners can do 42km barefoot but most can't :)

    • Usually the longer you run, the more cushioning you want, which comes at the cost of weight and responsiveness which are preferable for shorter runs.

  • probably has to do with the need of the material recuperation of the sponge like structure ?? :)

  • Im using the old New Balance FuelCell v1 and it is a fantastic running shoe - really good on and around the sole also.

  • Echo? Naa I use Google Assistant

  • The post above stole your thunder 😭

  • It's a shame all the wearable colours aren't discounted

    • I don't mind loud coloured shoes, they're cheaper! TBH it's exercise shoes, not office shoes.