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Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier $71.87 + $9 Delivery @ Baby Bunting


The Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier seems to be on a very good price online. These baby carriers can be used from birth onwards and adapts to your baby's size.
Do note that in my research of the product, it doesn't allow carrying of baby facing outwards but do your research and pick what works for you because the price seems great!

P.s. Long time lurker, first time poster, so please be gentle! :)

Edit: Slightly cheaper on ebay due to coupon code
use PIZZA5 for $5 off and eBay Plus for free delivery!
Total $66.87 delivered
Thanks to XeKToReX for this suggestion!

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    Same price on eBay, can also use PIZZA5 for $5 off and eBay Plus for free delivery!

    Total $66.87 delivered

  • We just gave away our ergobaby after using for our 3 kids, and at least 2 others before it was given to us. We tried baby bjorn and some different 'wrap' type carriers and the ergo was by far the best. Good product.

  • I was gifted one of these by partners uncle who told me it was all too hard for the short period of time the child was of age enough to fit in it so he never used it. Experience may vary but just be aware of spending money on things that'll become closet fillers that you get no or limited use out of because they age out of so quickly.

    edit: Our bun is still in the oven so I can't comment as to its actual use, just warning prospective buyers of limited life of product vs price especially where they may already have a stroller/etc.

    • Your right to warn of spending on unnecessary baby crap, but a carrier is indispensable even if only used for a short period. You'll understand soon enough.

    • You're totally right to say that. The Ergobaby I have can only be used after bubs has full control of neck and head (~4 months). This one (and some others with Newborn inserts) can be used from birth so it's quite handy especially in these early weeks when they just want to be carried every day.

      Congrats on the pregnancy! All the best and know that as challenging as it is, it gets better! (Or so people have told me. :))

    • It may not be used for long but the mobility and arm strength you get back in just one day will already be worth the money, let alone the one year. (Or more depending) per child you might get out of it. I have two kids and can attest to this! I would have mentally pledge to pay much more on a daily basis after all those hours spent holding my baby for hours on end

  • excellent price. Got one thanks

    • I have benefited tons from Ozbargain so it's a great feeling to be able to give back to this community! Hope it works out well for you!

  • Same price but free delivery on Amazon AU.

  • I love my ergo! Bubs would only nap while being carried and my ergo let me do that handsfree.

  • Thanks for this, been looking at getting an ergobaby carrier. Got one from the ebay deal :)

  • For that price my future baby can just learn to be carried inwards!

  • Hey. I used to work in a baby store and I think it might be wise for people to look at the omni 360 model or the Baby Bjorn one carrier as options.

    Only because they both are from newborn but also can be worn on your back and have baby facing out. Therefore they have the potential to be used a lot longer.

    They are a little more pricey though so you gotta consider what you want and how long you'd use it.

  • sadly sold out on ebay and their website now. great deal though!

  • They are also sold as egobabys on aliexpress but come as ergo babies. Similar price

  • Think this deal is expired. Sold out on ebay and babybunting in QLD.