Suggestion on Natural Latex Mattress Topper in Sydney

Hi guys,

I am looking for suggestions on Latex mattress topper for our bed.

We recently bought zzz ateliar assured firm mattress as my partner needs very firm mattress and the mattress is quite firm and does not come with any topper. I have been looking for a Natural Latex Mattress topper to put it on top to relive some of the pressure points as I am finding it uncomfortable and rather too firm for my liking.

Since the mattress it self only cost me $300 for king size, I am not looking to spend something crazy or expensive than the mattress itself. I have looked at clark's rubber for their latex topper and it is expensive than my mattress.

Does anyone have any suggestion or places to purchase for Latex mattress topper? looking for king size but if I can't get it or too expensive, I might compromise and just get the single to put it on my side of the bed.


  • Natural latex is not cheap and this is the reason even manufactures of $3000 mattresses skimp on the thickness of the latex layer. They usually have a very thin latex sheet supported by a thick foam under layer(even though they conveniently claim it is a latex mattress) to reduce costs.

    You might want to try a small mattress factory/warehouse type place as they may have latex sheets bought in bulk quantities but don't expect to find a $50 King-size latex mattress topper. You can't expect to spend less for a latex topper just because you bought a $300 mattress as these two are completely unrelated and this is the very reason no one would sell a mattress with a proper latex layer for $300 including yours.

  • Not sure if this is more than what you want to spend, but I bought a memory foam one from ebay and its pretty good for us..

    It might not be this exact seller, but it was this product.

    • That is a good topper. We bought a memory foam topper from spotlight and it’s not that good, that’s why I was looking into latex instead of memory foam.