Herman Miller Mirra Secondhand Vs Ergohuman Elite New

As above, should I buy a 7 year old Herman Miller Mirra V1 for $500, or the Ergohuman for $650 brand new. Warranty on both will be 5 years. Cheers.


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    Second hand bum sweat.

  • Out of interest, where can you buy these from? Thanks

    • I've an ergohuman on preorder through their website and the Mirra is on Facebook marketplace

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    I personally found the v1 mirra uncomfortable so would not recommend it.

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    You need to sit on both tbh. For example I prefer the mirra v1 more than the aeron. But that's after adjusting pretty much everything - i find it has much better lumber support. I have not sat on an ergo human elite - so can't say. Also try steelcase leap, haworth zody if you can find them.

  • Coincidentally picked up a used Mirra today. Haven't tried it yet. No receipt though so won't get any warranty.

    Will warranty transfer to the new buyer if you have a receipt?

    • I'm not too sure about the warranty without a receipt to be honest

  • Hi Nacko, how did you manage to get the ergohuman to $650? Any discount code ? I am looking at the elite with headrest which is $720+delivery on their website

    • Ergohuman has since increased their prices due to demand, I have it on preorder at the old price, though it might be the classic.