Weighted Blanket Suggestions

Hi Guys,

Looking at buying a weighted blanket for my wife.
Has any one got any recommendations?



  • Neptune

  • I got one of the KOO Spotlight ones. Considerably cheaper than the ones you see on Instagram etc. I got the 4.99kg one for $72 back when they were on sale, I think they still might be.

    How tall is your wife? Only criticism I may have is that it's a bit short, like I'm pretty short myself and even I find it not long enough, that said I wonder if it's meant to be like that for the sake of not covering your face and restricting airflow.

    Saw someone complain that it bunches up to one side, which I haven't experienced because I find the glass beads in it are separated throughout the blanket.

  • Do they actually help sleep?

  • If price isn’t a issue, check rakuten japan.
    Last looked they were 300-400 posted for a double bed sized one. They are all proper ones, since they are the country that use them. Not some cheap Aldi/random rebranded one.

    • hi, sorry, rakuten Japan,international wont do? im just not familiar with this site and it keeps taking me to the int one

  • Make sure the weight is appropriate for your wife, as they can be quite heavy and hard to maneuver while under them. Thus causing more anxiety than they fix, while sleeping.

  • I noticed that Aldi had them recently - can't give you any further info or comment on quality but you might give your local Aldi a call to see if they have any still in stock.

  • Check Amazon Prime… I got a 10kg queen size $160 delivered, and 8kg queen for $120 delivered.
    Make sure the glass beads are in small pockets, not large loose pockets.

    I find them really hot… so I didn't use it in summer.

  • I think Costco had some for, roughly, $40 but I have no idea on how good those are,

  • Therapy blankets are having 50% off sale on selected styles. I haven't tried them before so can't vouch for the product


  • My advice would be to get one from somewhere that has a good returns policy. Got one for the MRS and she hated it.