Using AmEx Travel Credit $450 - What to Do Now?

I can't use the credit due to not being able to fly at the moment. AMEX told me they can extend the credit, but that also means renewing the card.

Has anyone had any luck getting a refund for their $450 credit? or using it on something apart from flights?

Seems you have to either book a flight and hope you can fly or lose the credit.

I know it's a popular card on here, so hoping someone could share their experience?

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  • Are you planning to cancel or were you planning to cancel the card ?

    Iā€™d extend the expiry.

    • Originally, I was hoping to use the credit around September. Now with Covid, I can't find any flights for this year (assuming it's safe to fly).

      So if I extend the voucher i'll be up for another lot of annual fee. AMEX customer service said they are internal discussions about this, but I will need to wait or forgo the credit.

      • maybe book some hotel stacations via Amex Travel?

        • I tried, credit is only valid for Qantas flights.

          • @shaun-o: I see, yours must be a Qantas Amex card then.

  • When does your year run out?

    • Feb 2020, so I have a bit of a buffer. The trouble is for the time being there are no flights and i'm not able to book anything.

      Seems also strange AMEX are still accepting applications for the card.

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    Already has a flight booked so it's back in as a credit with longer expiry.

    If mine was unused and was about to run out:

    1. book a qantas domestic flight
    2. use the generous qantas terms to cancel this flight and retain a qantas credit with longer expiry (end of 2021)

    of course if Amex was pragmatic about it they would just extend the validity of the credit voucher…

    • @choc83, thank you for your insight.

      I looked at a domestic flight to Perth and they wanted $3k for each person on Economy. Ridiculous!

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    Do you keep the credit after you've cancelled the card? I'm waiting for the bonus points then I'll be cancelling it.

    • +1

      @Shaun1 - When you cancel your card, you lose your credit.

      • Ok thanks šŸ‘

      • Interesting. I made a QF booking (Credit + my own cash) which has been returned as a credit. I've got about $600 sitting in Qantas credit through Amex.

        Presumably this will live on if I were to cancel the card tomorrow, but I wouldn't be surprised if the amex call centre (which I need to use for this) refuses to acknowledge me.

      • Definitely straight away? For example, ANZ rewards remain open for 60 days after cancelling a card. Also, I booked an ANZ credit flight, (which got cancelled into a credit), I then cancelled the card, but I can still re book/ access the credit by calling ANZ rewards in the future … supposedly.

  • I've got myself $400 Amex Travel Credit, wanted to sell it, but don't know where to sell :(

    • Same, got a $450 credit but not planning to go anywhere.

  • I just copped the loss and cancelled the card. Didn't want to pay another $450 as my year was ending soon. Realistically there's no way to spend it now and i wasn't confident I could find an effective use before it disappeared. Besides, considering the huge credit limit they gave me, I needed to reduce it or more likely cancel it to get the ANZ card with 75k points and no annual fee a couple weeks ago.

  • I just received this e-mail this morning re: extension of Amex Travel Credit:

    "We are extending the expiration date of unredeemed complimentary Virgin Australia return domestic flights1 and complimentary single-entry Virgin Australia domestic lounge passes2. These will now be extended to 31 March 2021."

    No word on waving the yearly fee though.

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