Sony WH-1000XM3 - Price and Availability at Costco (Understand Variations at Different Stores)

Hi all,

Just wanted to see if anyone knows whether the Sony WH-1000XM3 is available at Costo and potential price. I'm located in Canberra and have let my membership lapse but looking at best available price for a Mothers Day gift.


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  • Probably no cheaper that HN or JB unless they have those $280 deals, but they have long past for the moment. Hasn't been any lately. XM4s out later this year if you can wait like Xmas time for Addited to Audio to do some sales of those.

  • have let my membership lapse

    Got the card still? Just flash it on the way in and you can look for yourself.

    Don't have the card, go ask for a guess pass

  • Go in and if you find it a the price you want and in stock. Join and purchase item then cancel for refund to membership later or same day if you want.

  • Thanks everyone, great ideas.

  • If one costco has the deal, is it likely that other costcos will too?
    Or are their specials independent?