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Free Bicycle Helmets with Free Artwork (Sydney CBD)


72 Erskine St, Sydney CBD. free Prome helmet with artwork.

They're doing it til. 8pm.

Mod: URL updated to Facebook Event.

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  • Any more info?
    Who is giving them away and why?

  • +2

    American Express initiative. I'll get a photo, I'm in line. I'm thinking of getting ozbargain on it.

  • Just got my helmet! Free coffee and oranges too!

    Small wait currently, about 30min.

  • +4
  • Thanks for going to the effort of uploading a live photo :) So they provide the helmet? Who chooses what they paint on it? And can the paint be rubbed off?

    And another question, does it meet that Australian standard so it can be used on roads?

  • +1

    Pretty permanent. You choose. My mates helmet:


  • -3

    does it meet ANY crash standards?

  • http://www.prymegear.com/helmets/pryme-8.php

    This is the helmet. It's free!

  • that's cool!

  • do you have to be amex card holder? … any catches? do you have to pay for the artwork? (to get helmet)

    • All free, you just gotta line up.

      • Did you have to do the spin class? Can you get the helmet without riding the exercise bike?

  • It's done for tongiht I think, they've stopped people from queuing

  • +1

    when does it start (as in if i go tmw, when does it start?)

  • Do you have to attend the workshop to get the helmet?

    • +3

      nah, they will telepathically send it to you.

  • What's a spin class?

    • +1

      A gym class based on exercise bikes.

  • +1

    awesome, cheers. i left them a message and got a text later saying theyve booked me in for the 8am sess.

  • +1

    Doesn't apply to me but nice one applejack!

  • Turned away at the door

  • me too, turned away around 5.30pm today. so pissed. i travelled heaps far - 1hr. they should at least update their fb or s.thg. i mean 5.30 is still quite far away from 8pm, seemed a bit unreasonable. But guess it's gonna take that much time to get through that many people.

    • Yeah, last got in around 5:20. Finished off around 8:30…

  • I got turned away as well at about 6.40 :( Bummer!

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