Do the Xiaomi Bidets fit the Mondella Toilets from Bunnings?


I’m building a new home and would like to plan for installing toilets with bidets now. I’m planning to buy the following toilet suite from Bunnings:

As for the Bidet, I’m either thinking of getting this one:


Anyone have the above combination in their homes?



  • Is this a sh!tpost?

  • Yes it wold fit. I've installed like 6 bidets around my properties, you remove the seat and install it. Enjoy, good investment. I still have all my toilet paper from June last year.

  • You need a power point nearby for this thing? How do you install one if no power point around?

    • Op is building a new home, the builder will be able to advise where a power point can go

    • I’ve told the builder to put power points next the toilet. Need to make sure they are on the correct side however.

  • We have the D LUCI from Bunnings I think it's awesome the men ( sigh ) are still using toilet paper although not as much as they were. My husband fitted it and had to adjust a couple of things but if you're getting a new home you will have them fitted by plumber.

    • Great thanks! I’m supplying the toilets so I’ll get them fitted by the plumber when he’s installing the toilet suite.

  • Your toilet link isn't working so I don't know what toilet you are buying.

    I have the previous xiaomi washlet and they are quite long so it over hangs the front of the toilet by a few cm's, still usable but not ideal. All the motors and pumps are in the back of the toilet seat so they are quite long.

    Quoting someone from the thread on the xiaomi whale:
    "You need 518mm from the front outside of the bowl to the cistern. You could maybe get away with 508mm with it not fitting perfectly."

  • If you're building a home, I would suggest buying a real japanese bidet to install, it's around $400

  • I'd doubt it will fit, you could go into Bunnings and measure to be 100%

    Here is the specs of the toilet https://2ecffd01e1ab3e9383f0-07db7b9624bbdf022e3b5395236d5cf...

    It's 640mm from the back of the toilet to the front, minus 145mm for the cistern and you are left with 495mm which isn't enough to fit the 518 - 508mm the toilet seat needs.

    The best solution of course is going to be a full japanese washlet toilet but they are expensive, I haven't seen one anywhere near $400, most are over $2k