This was posted 2 years 3 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Further 30% off Clearance Prices @ Myer


Take further 30% off from already reduced clearance prices from Myer. Don't forget cashback from Shopback/Cashrewards.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2020.

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    There were no products found. Try changing your filters or clear them all.

    • Thanks. New link added.

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    And the bargains are?

    • Further 30% off Clearance Prices

  • Hi OP
    Does the 30% apply as well to entertainment ?

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      It looks like it only applies to items listed as "Clearance" and not "Reduced to Clear" - so only a handful in the entertainment category

      • Thanks I was looking for a Kindle Paperwhite's

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    such feminist, only women no mens

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      Just the right size purse for condoms At least you know where you put them

      • Oh my god, look at those prints

    • Lol this is awesome 😝

  • total of 17 items for men, all watches :(

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    Use the word "further" in the search to filter for these

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      Thaaaank you!!!!

      They've had this "hidden deal" on for weeks now but I've never been able to find how to filter the results. Only ever saw the deal scattered around random items.

      • Welcome, happy shopping :)

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    Hard to imagine how this got on clearance:

  • I bought a product I want to return a couple of weeks ago, however it says since it's a clearance it can't be returned. When I bought it, it wasn't clearance, it was a sale for 20% off and no where did it say returns not available. Anyone had experience with this?

    • I’ve personally had no issues returning non clearence items and staff did confirm I was aware there was no returns on the clearance clothes at the register.

      I’ve just checked some receipts for you.
      All clearence items had *CLEARENCE directly below the $x.xx

      At the bottom of receipts it has
      “Change of mind returns and exchanges will not be offered for goods designated as *Clearence

      • Great thanks! I some how accidentally bought 2 bottles of (quite expensive) perfume which last years and was worried I wouldn't be able to return it. I'll just wait until the stores open though to avoid issues with post.

  • FYI. Just type " Take a further 30% off " into the search bar. Then filter as you require.

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      Way too risky to buy clothes online without being able to return them. MYER is now the worst for this.

      Edit: sorry didn’t mean to reply directly to you Thypeople…

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        Pretty invalid reason for a neg vote. A sale is a sale. Take a risk to get some Some pretty good prices. Shop's will be opening soon. Otherwise $6.95 to return it to parcel point.

        • Are returns that cheap?

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            @Slutty Bianca: No, they are in fact impossible. Myer does not accept returns on clearance items anymore. Thypeople is misinformed.

  • You can also get 8% off Myer gift cards at Lumo energy rewards.

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