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Tefal Express Induction Hob (Black) - $89.00 (Was $139) @ Myer


Haven't see this on sale for a while.
Everywhere else is over $100.
Not sure how many stock there is but Myer does say 'Limited stock'.

Product Dimensions: 360 x 290 x 48 mm
Capacity/Volume: Suitable for pots and pans with a diameter from 12-24cm
Weight: 2.2 kg
Warranty Duration: 24 months
Warranty Type: Manufacturer
Care and Use Instructions: Wipe clean with damp cloth
Enjoy easy and fast cooking every day with EXPRESS induction hob, thanks to 6 cooking functions, "Boost" mode and 10 heating levels

6 Cooking Functions (Boil, Steam, Soup, Fry, Stir-fry, Hotpot)
High heating power "Boost" mode
10 heating levels for precise heat control
Timer for accurate cooking
Easy to clean ceramic plate
Digital display: Touch & rotating technology for time and temperature adjustment

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  • Are these any good? We've bought a few different branded ones but they're all pretty weak

    • Never really used an induction cooker. It be our first buy.
      Reviews are mixed.

      • yeah I'm pretty concerned about some reviews saying their pans don't work on it

        • You need magnetically-conductive bases for any induction cooker and there will always be people who ignore this and blame the cooktop.

          You can usually just check by seeing if a magnet grabs it. :)

      • The review link you posted here is for the model IH201860, but the deal OP has here is for the model IH720860

    • We've bought a few different branded ones but they're all pretty weak

      The consumer grade induction cookers is limited by the wall socket, ~2300W (10A/230V). Unless your home has a 15V socket to make use of commercial grade induction cooker

    • I bought and Aldi version for $45 while we did our kitchen upgrade. It is magnificent. Fast/ good control, way better than the Bosch induction top we had in the old rental. Controls also make more sense to me with 300/600/900/1200/1600/2200w cooking options.

      • Huge tip if you are new to induction, don't do the usual turn it on to max first then back it off when at temp. You will destroy your pans in no time. Just use a low setting and it will get there super fast anyway.

      **Now have the whirlpool cooktop which is on sale at tgg at the moment (search on here). Controls arent as nice as the ALDI,but cooks the same.

      • Thanks for the tip, never heard of it, but will certainly try. Though, it is hard for genpop to understand the notion behind this tip and habit dies hard.

        • I find it encourages carbon build up (especially if you have pans with a pattern on the bottom - like Circulon). End result, pans become impossible to clean and non stick starts to fail. Apart from that, at full power it's some serious heat and will warp them (instructions always say to never heat an empty pan on max). Steak is the only food I preheat on almost max, but only takes a few seconds to get super hot.

      • Yes thanks for the tip!

    • I have one of the older model Tefal induction hobs and it works really well. Heats up really fast and you get pretty precise control, much more so than my regular ceramic cooktop.

  • Unable to deliver items due to insufficient stock, guys try click-n-collect

    • damn :(

      reckon goodguys will price match?

      • Good point, I wonder that as well. Then, I can use my $20 store credit.

        Update: No more price match available because it is sold out at Myers.

  • I'd always recommend this one from IKEA.

    https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/tillreda-portable-induction-hob... - $59

    • We have this one, its really great. Used it when our kitchen was being renovated, and we take it away with us if our accommodation doesn't have a full kitchen and cook outside with it. Highly recommended.

  • I had been looking for one and have been waiting for a sale. I just bought the Ikea one for $59. It's basic but does the job.

  • isn't Myer closing down?

  • I've had a IH201860 for sale for what feels like six months. All I get is offers for $20 despite it presenting as brand new! (I switched to Breville)

  • None of these can simmer right?

    • Mine goes to 200, which is simmer temperature.

      Btw, I just bought the Kmart version a few months ago and it's been fantastic! I think that with two of these @ $49 + one of these, you wouldn't need to buy huge, expensive appliances to have a decent kitchen— $250 total.


      • My Phillips one goes low too but it doesn’t simmer :(

        What happens is that it just cycles from hot to cold to stay low.
        I’m still trying to find one that can simmer properly. Does the Kmart do this? Might purchase one since it looks to pretty great!

        • Exactly, is it only the Xiamoi one that actually sits at 20% or 30% etc? Rather than 100%, off, 100% off?

    • The Ikea one has 9 settings. Starts from 100w, 300w, 600w, 900w, 1100w, 1300w, 1500w, 1700w, 2000w. It seemed to simmer continuously when I had it on yesterday. Nothing in the manual about simmering.

    • Xiaomi DCL01CM Mijia Precise Control Induction Cooker

      Low-temperature cooking
      Benefit from the sensitive temperature probe and dual-frequency heating technology, Xiaomi cooker can lock the pot temperature for a long time