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The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson Free eBook (Mailing List Signup Required) @ Tor.com


Tor is making book one of the Stormlight Archive series available for free on May 4th (US Eastern time). You need to sign up to their mailing list but you can sign up now so you don't miss it.

This is my absolute favourite author and I would highly recommend this book if you enjoy epic fantasy novels.

I just saw in the terms and conditions that it is only valid for US and Canada. Not sure if this is enforced and a VPN will be required or not but there have been other TOR giveaways on here without issue from the look of it.

Special Offer Terms
SPECIAL OFFER - To receive a free e-book copy of while supplies last, fill out the form above and join the Book Club. You will receive a link (either upon signing up or by email) to download the e-book in .epub or .mobi format. You must submit your e-mail address and other required information and sign up to receive e-mails from Tor.com, Macmillan and its related companies.. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED.

Eligibility: Offer begins at 12:00 am Eastern Time (ET) on and continues through 11:59 p.m. ET on , while supplies last. This Special Offer is open only to persons who are a legal resident of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia or Canada (excluding Quebec) and who are 13 years of age or older. We apologize for the geographic restriction. Unfortunately it is required for various legal reasons. Offer limited to one per person or household, and offer limited to one per e-mail address. Persons who as of the date of entry are an employee of Sponsor or any of Sponsor’s affiliates, and members of the immediate family or household (whether or not related) of any such employee, are not eligible. Eligibility determinations will be made by Sponsor in its discretion and will be final and binding.
Delivery of Offer Item: Qualified respondents will be sent free e-book upon signing up or no later than 72-hours after signing up..
General Terms: U.S. law governs this Special Offer. Void in Quebec and where prohibited by law. No refunds, exchanges, or substitutions, except in the discretion of Sponsor, which has the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value. All details that are not specified in these Special Offer Terms will be determined by Sponsor in its discretion. All expenses associated with the acceptance or use of the offer item are the responsibility of the respondent. Normal time rates, if any, charged by the entrant’s Internet or mobile service provider will apply. The offer item is offered “as is” and without any warranty, except as required by law. You must have access to a computer, an internet connection, and a reading app. to take advantage of this Offer. Sponsor is not responsible for technical, hardware, software, telephone or other communications malfunctions, errors or failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections, website, Internet, or ISP unavailability, unauthorized human intervention, traffic congestion, incomplete or inaccurate capture of entry information (regardless of cause) or failed, incomplete, or delayed computer transmissions which may limit one’s ability to respond to this Offer. Sponsor has the right to disqualify from participating in this offer any individual who in Sponsor’s discretion, Sponsor believes (i) has responded by using robots, spam, or any automated response system, (ii) tampered with the submission process or website or has undermined the legitimate operation of the offer or website by cheating, hacking, deception or other unfair practices, or (iii) has engaged in conduct that abuses, threatens or harasses any other entrant or any representative of Sponsor or its author. Sponsor in its discretion may modify, suspend or cancel this offer at any time, including without limitation by adding captchas or other fraud prevention measures.
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  • Excellent book BRIDGE FOUR!!!

  • I second that. Great Book!

    Heard there may be a sequel coming?

    • Yep - in November!

    • There already exists two sequels, Words of Radiance and Oathbringer. The fourth is coming soon

      • This is book # 1 correct? So good place to start to get a feel for the author?

        • Correct.

        • It's book 1 of a planned 10 book series. Book 4 is due out near the end of this year. If you are not familiar with his works, I would recommend starting with one of his smaller books / series before diving into his largest and most complicated work that won't be finished for years. Mistborn (the Original Trilogy) would be my pick.

          • @whale: Warbreaker too: it's short, standalone (not a trilogy), and also free.

            But Way of Kings is not a bad start, really. It's also his best series, probably; and I can't imagine anyone who likes "short" epic fantasy but not longer epic fantasy, haha. I mean, the length is part of the appeal.

            • @ItsMeAgro: I think by Oathbringer it has become his best series. The Way of Kings is good but it's gotten better as it's gone on. I would say Mistborn is the most accessible of his works I've read. But goddamn he is so prolific and maintains a solid standard pretty much every time, you can more or less begin with any of his works.

              If you are looking for a similar but different series, I'd recommend the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. Once again the first book isn't the best of the series, but overall very solid. Interesting magic system.

              • @Birdseye: Brent Weeks did that way of the shadows/asssassins creed style books didn't he? I can see shadow's edge and beyond the shadows from my bookcase here.. not sure where book #1 went.. my goodreads shelf says i have it… maybe i need to stack vertically and not books horizontally so i can find it haha.

            • @ItsMeAgro: Oh - how does one get Warbreaker for free?

              I mean i don't mind length, it's been awhile since i read.. back when i was younger and into the epic fantasy, and dreamlands of Eddings and Feist etc… length is fine if the story is great to kick and enthralling.

              Still I'll check out Mistborn if that is the recommendation… i saw a post elsewhere (or maybe here) that he does non fantasy also, however i presume Mistborn trilogy or Warbreaker still stay on fantasy?

          • @whale: I am halfway through book 2 and read all of Mistborn
            Love both series but I would start with Mistborn

    • There is currently three books in the 10 book series released with the fourth planned for release this november.

      • Yep - I meant the real "fourth" book. Did you guys read Edgedancer before Oathbringer ?

        • Never got around to that one

        • Brandon (like a few other authors) tends to write small novellas in-between books to both help whet the appetite while waiting two years for the next one to come out as well as to keep the momentum and interest going on. Edgedancer is considered book 2.5.

          The book order is:
          1. The Way of Kings
          2. Words of Radiance
          2.5 Edgedancer (novella)
          3. Oathbringer
          4. Rhythm of War (November 2020 release)

  • One of the best and most exciting (and thankfully prolific) authors to come out in the last decade. Brandon Sanderson writes in many genres and styles and this particular series is what I would consider a slow burn. It is not a large (or as long) as the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series (which Brandon finished posthumously on behalf of the Jordan estate) but the world (and number of characters) is just as large.

    Please also feel free to read some of his other book series like:
    - Mistborn (Fantasy)
    - Reckoners (Alternate reality Super Heroes style but they are all evil)
    - Legion (Modern day mystery/crime)
    - Alcatraz (Kids series - not bad IMO)
    - Rithmatist (New older kids series)
    - Skyward (His latest series set in the future)
    - Stormight Saga (This series which you are about to read)
    There are also a bunch of mini novellas etc he has published.

  • Great author and great book. Grab this.

  • The audible version was enjoyed.

    • Michael Kramer and Kate reading? Great narrators, I really want to listen to the Graphic Audio versions to compare but it costs over $100 USD

      • They have 5 preview clips uploaded on their soundcloud

        Listen to The Stormlight Archive 1: The Way of Kings (1 of 5) by GraphicAudio on #SoundCloud

        I find the background music & battle sounds kind of distracting while trying to listen to the narration. Will stick to the regular audiobook format for listening in the car as otherwise might be too distracting while driving.

        • Fair enough, I really like the full cast. Background noises and music aren't too distracting and sometimes adds to the narration in my opinion

  • Great book, such an immersive world. But Brandon has a few series going one at the same time so there’s always a long wait between books

    • +7 votes

      He's prolific. Given the scope of his books, I have never felt I have had an overly onerous wait for any of his books to come out.

      • As long as you are a fan of all his books, then you have a pretty constant stream of books to read.

  • This one is great.
    The second one is also great.
    The third one, not so great.

    • I tore through the first two.

      I'm about 100 pages into the third and I haven't touched it in months. Glad I'm not the only one.

      • Interesting. I ennjoyed it more than the first for sure, probably on par with the second. Started to identify much more with the characters in books 2 and 3

    • Not even the battle at the end of the third? I read it thrice over.

  • Haven't read this but Mistborn and The Reckoners are fantastic by him.

    This is on my to-do list but I feel like I need to be in the mood to read/listen to 1000 pages before I jump into it.

  • Tried to post this and got redirected as URL already posted ;) I'll just copy paste my description here

    The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
    (The Stormlight Archive #1)

    From Brandon Sanderson-who completed Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time-comes The Stormlight Archive, an ambitious new fantasy epic in a unique, richly imagined setting. Roshar is a world relentlessly blasted by awesome tempests, where emotions take on physical form, and terrible secrets hide deep beneath the rocky landscape.

    The Way of Kings is the first in a planned 10 book series in the Stormlight Archive. These 10 books take place on a planet called Roshar, a planet with a unique and rich history. While humans are present, the world is very different than our own.

    Rated 4.65/5 on Goodreads with over 270k reviews - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7235533-the-way-of-kings

    Source tweet from the book author - https://twitter.com/BrandSanderson/status/125660668697178521...

    Friends! Readers! The Tor.com eBook Club is giving away The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson for one day only on Monday, May 4th!

    The eBook won’t be available until May 4, but you can sign up now to receive it on that day.

    Just a heads up that this is the first of ten planned books with three currently released and the fourth planned to be released in November.

  • Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

  • The series isn't finished?

    Hmm I'm not starting any new series thanks to the rothfuss idiot.

    • You should have been around during the Robert Jordan decades (and then he died). Thankfully Brandon Sanderson finished it off though. :-)

    • Sanderson churns our high quality like a robot, the man is a freak. Have no doubt this series will be promptly finished within time.

      • and then he died

        A bit different to Rothfuss, hes just being a complete ***hole.

        Ill still wait. Plenty other completed series to read.

  • As an avid fantasy fan, this has been one of the best series I have ever read. This book is seriously a masterpiece and I rate it as my fav all time fantasy series (that isn’t even finished).

    If you’ve never read Sanderson before, I recommend starting with the Mistborn series.

    • Never read Sanderson, but any reason why to start with Mistborn?

      • Probably a recommendation based on the story length. It's a trilogy

        Original Trilogy (Era One)

        • The Final Empire
        • The Well of Ascension
        • The Hero of Ages

        Apparently the second trilogy he made in the series isn't as good as the first one but it's a contained story.

        The giveaway book is the first of a planned ten book series so there is a lot more world building to help sustain the storyline. Lots of characters too.

  • Sorry, you just missed this month’s book. Please sign up now and we will notify you when the next free download goes live!


    • Should start this afternoon as it's available on the 4th US time, not Australian time.

      • Oh my god, I just became THAT guy - so sorry guys I took the starting date for the ending date.

        Please ignore my comment - the way you guys were talking about it above I thought you'd all managed to download it already.

        Back in my box.

  • “while supplies last” - until they run out of copy and paste

  • Yup it's a great book. And Sanderson (unlike other unnamed fantasy authors - you know who you are!) actually delivers on sequels and has a high level of output. You wont ever have to wait to long for the next book. In my opinion Way of Kings is his best work to date.

  • I've been signed up for their mailing list for a long time and I didn't receive an email to claim to the ebook. Luckily they have a box to enter in your email address even if you're already on the list, I filled that out and got a link to the book. Although the link said it was for last month's book it still gave me The Way of Kings.

  • Whilst it's not finished yet, it is still the best Fantasy series i have ever read and i am a huge Fantasy book buff.

  • highly recommended - world and char building at it's best. I spent part of last year reading Sanderson. mistborn series worth reading too although a bit more YA like. I also really liked Elantris - slightly different prose but still very enjoyable.

  • Got the email an hour or so ago to download the book. So far the main page loads very slowly. can't get past the login /confirm your email page to get the download. The whole world must be downloading it and crashing the website.. probably try again in the AM at this rate. Unless someone can download the different sources and google drive or something upload it to the masses?

    • Ok given up.. been trying every so often over the last 2 hours and can't get past the confirm your email part to get the book. Jeez it must be my day… or everyone' is trying to grab it. Either way if anyone gets it and could grab all the differnet ebook formats and upload to google drive that would be legendary…