This was posted 1 year 8 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Advanced Night Repair 2x50ml Bottles $136.80 (Sold out) or 2x30ml $90 Delivered New Cust +10.5% ShopBack Cashback @ Estee Lauder


Update 2: would be cheaper at David Jones atm if you have the AmEx offer

Update: 50mL sold out, 2x 30mL for $90 should still be cheaper than the Myer deal even before cashback

Saw the deal from Myer which also works on the Estee Lauder main page, and can be stacked with 10% new sign up and 10.5% cashback

Works out to be around ~123.87 for 2 50mL bottle with 2 free samples

Also available in 30mL bottle

Note: needs to sign into an account that has never purchased from Estee Lauder previously to apply promo code, 1 purchase per customers so not sure if it would work with multiple accounts

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Discount code doesnt apply

    • +1

      needs to login to an account that has never purchased from the site before

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    dammit. i just got the myer one..

    • +1

      SAME HERE! And I used myer giftcard so can't actually cancel that order to get refund.

    • Same here. 😭

  • I thought you couldnt use discount codes and cashback at the same time? Or is that just for some specific sites like Amazon or eBay?

    • +3

      the coupon is on the shopback website so it should be fine

  • Is this good? How does it compare with lancome advanced genefique?

    • Both are as good. But do note that face products work differently for different people. So what is effective for you might not be for someone else. Dont change if you think Genefique is working for you.

  • Thanks OP, almost got the Myer ones, saved me $15

  • +2

    Perfect! One for mum. One for the missus.

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    Is this a deal? Has to be the most expensive liquid in the world? Does it have stem cells in it?

    • +1

      Iirc some parfums are far more expensive. And some venoms too I think.

      • -4

        They don't warrant a post on Ozbargain though, evidently this does, with 46 votes and counting :-/

  • How do we cancel Myer's order? :( Their phone queues are looooong.

    • Purchased! Not gonna hold my breath for SB though, nothing has tracked yet.

    • I managed to talk to them but it was too late for them to cancel the order. However, I was told that I could return them when the stores open again and get the refund.

  • +10

    Mum made me buy 8 using 4 accounts ==

    • +18

      name checks out

      • +1

        (okay to make fun, cuz im asian too…?)

        • +7

          Its just banter, all good. Race got nothing to do with this :)

  • Just in time for mothers day, thanks OP

  • Anyone know if coles myer gift card works online for Myer website check out?

    • I used myer giftcard, but can't stack with cashback

  • A stupid question - does Shopback account have to be linked to the same email address which you use to open an account with Estee Lauder? I am wondering if I can use my existing Shopback account to buy using a new Estee Lauder account which isn't linked to the same email address?

    • +2

      Email ids are not matched, only tracks through transaction id.

  • +1

    Just bought $152 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) @ David Jones
    Anyone from Perth would like share a bottle $76 with me ? Pm

    • Does anyone know the expiry of these generally?

      • you'd need the batch number and you can check online but they're good for 1-2 years

  • Tried to place an order twice and the page goes to the main page without any order confirmation, can't see it in the order history either.

    But my card has been charged twice.

  • +1

    Doh - think the offer is gone. See this in car?


    • +1

      Same, I got the same error!

      • +1

        This offer seems to be Ozbargained!

        I took way too long (15+ mins) trying to figure out whether to buy 100ml of something for $100+ that I have no idea of… silly me.

    • same error :(

  • Been Ozbargained! :(

    Share the Love - 50ml is sold out and has been removed from your cart.

  • David Jones had stock a couple mins ago.

  • I just bought one and checked the order and it only includes 1 bottle….?WTH?
    What would happen to those people who bought it thinking it was automatically added?

    • +1

      it was automatically added when I made my purcharse.

      • Well it was added automatically when I made my purchase too then I checked my order and now it only has one bottle..?

  • +1

    BOGOF for the 30ml is still available.

  • I can only buy 1 X 50ml Bottles $136.80 with new account. how you guys do that???

    • +1

      sign in first and apply "welcome"

    • 50 ml no longer eligible for the offer.

      They have changed the front page offer to:

  • +1

    Thanks OP got the 2x 50Ml and 2 samples for $136 (before Cashrewards).

  • Unable to get rid of the code 'elist' and enter 'Welcome' in checkout.

  • When i tried earlier, the buy 1 get 1 free also applied to the 75ml as well.

    Looks like they have fixed it!

    • wow, that's a killer deal

  • Does it work?

    • 30ml worked - you shouldn't have applied any code first. If you applied any other code, then it's not possible to remove it and apply 'WELCOME' instead. Very annoying user interface.

      • +1

        If you are able to code, or even not. Follow this: right click - inspect - find the line of the code (like "elist"), in the block following that there is an EDIT link but set to "hidden". Remove that will bring the EDIT link back. You do not have to refresh the page, changes in codes are reflected on page simultaneously.

        • You're a gem. I ended up creating a new account all together and made sure that I apply only 'WELCOME' code. Above trick would have saved the hassle though. Thanks!

          • +1

            @virhlpool: Thanks for the compliment. Hope i had seen your difficulty earlier.

      • -1

        Oh I meant does the cream work?

  • +1

    "Due to the overwhelming response, we have exhausted all available stock of Advanced Night Repair and this offer is no longer available.

    We encourage you to review our other available promotions below."

    • Lucky enough and grabbed two 30ml for wife.

  • All sold out.. even MYER and David Jones….

    • Myer is still available when i tried out 1 min before without login into account. has it something to do with post code? try not to login into account and only do so till you reached checkout steps?

      • when you log in, it shows not available. just double-checked now.

        • for me too, sadly.

    • +2

      Never underestimate oz bargain community

  • +6

    If you include 7ml of the free sample of the same product (another sample has to be a different product so I am ignoring it for this calculation), the difference isn't much between 30ml deal and 50ml deal.

    1) (30ml x 2) + 7ml = 67ml for $90 -> After cashback $80.55 -> $1.20/ ml

    2) (50ml x 2) + 7ml = 107ml for $136.80 -> After cashback $122.43 -> $1.14/ ml

    when I look back, not sure if each ml of this product is worth more than a dollar or not (even after all this reduction!), but that's what people seem to believe.

    • +2

      ppl's wives do.

  • How U get that 30ml? I create account and apply code only get 10% off

    • If you didn't see a free 30ml sample in the cart by default when you added one 30ml (assuming you applied the code), then it means that the offer would have been over by then.

  • +1

    my cashback hasn't been tracked by shopback. anyone the same?

    also no dispatch note as of yet.

    • +1

      Mines been tracked just then but with $30.32 as cash back amount which doesn't make sense lol (10.5% of $136 should be like $14)

      But I wouldn't complain if its true!

      • +2

        I got the same cash back amount.
        That would make it 106.48 for two bottles and two samples.
        I still don't know what even is this, but mom and girlfriend will surely know

      • Same! Great deal with the cashback bonus!

        • Had the same deal with cash back 7.7. It appears it applies as if two full price bottles were purchased. Not buy one get one free.

      • it still needs to be validated, so we shouldn't get too happy about it yet. :)

  • 30ml available on DJs! Wanted the 50ml but oh well, one of my velocity cards had the DJs offer so very good deal. Thanks OP

  • So… I don’t know if anyone else saw this but I used Cashrewards 7.7% and it appears they gave me cash back based on full price of the two bottles (minus the 10% sign up).

    Basically I spent the $152 - 10% so $136.80 but it’s given me cash back as if I spent $136.80 plus $152.00, so $22.24 cash back total 🤑

  • Will this make me bootiful! :0)

  • Still haven't gotten a dispatch note. Maybe it will end up being cancelled..

    • My order is shown as 'In Warehouse' - I think they will honour all orders.

    • +1

      Hopefully not… it was a legitimate deal they advertised and one that other retailers also participated in.

  • +1

    Has anyone received their order? No dispatch notification for me

    • +1

      No dispatch notice either :( it says it should arrive in 9 working days according to the “standard delivery” but at this rate I’m not so sure it’ll be delivered by next week.

  • Both of my DJ orders arrived on Friday.

  • Had anyone received their order from Estee Lauder website?

    • +2

      Haven;'t even received a shipping notification

    • I got my Aust Post shipping info on the 8th

  • Update: Still nothing. Got shipping info but it's been over a week, no update.

  • Finally received the order today (order date 04 May 2020) but only received 1 x 50ml + 2 sample products. Contacted Esteee via Live Chat (Customer service phone line was too busy). Estee offered to send me 2 x 30ml (instead of return) which I accepted. Estee customer service team will email Live Chat transcript and claim reference number by COB, 18 May 2020. It took less than 10 minutes to sort out. Stay tuned.

  • Package arrived today in full, no mistakes.

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