Not Receiving MygGov SMS on My Android Phone - Why Is That?

Have been trying to access mygov for last few days and not receiving the sms code. I am trying to avoid contacting tech support as this will reset all links with other gov departments. I think its an issue from either Telstra/Boost or my phone. My partner is not having this issue. I have a android Note 10+. Has anyone found a work around? I have tried checking spam folder and removing all blocked numbers but this is not working. Thanks in advance.

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    Are you sure mygov has your right number?

    Have you blocked mygov by any chance?

    Can you get other SMS messages?

    Can you put your SIM into another phone to see if you get the SMS messages from mygov on that?

    • Yes it has the right number but i cannot login to confirm.
      No have not blocked and removed all blocked numbers just in case. I read somewhere mygov is not a number that can be directly blocked.
      Yes am receiving all other sms messages. Including those COVID updates from gov.
      Tried that last night with my partners' phone which is non android and did not make any difference.

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        Thanks for contacting the Ozbargain Technical Help line, please take a short moment to rate the service you received today

      • then no idea, call the mygov support line for help.

  • Was going to say it could happen if your sim card is out of credit but doesn't seem the case if you are still receiving other sms to the same number. I was with Kogan and found out Kogan only supports receiving sms up to 20days after credit expires, so don't ever leave your main number with Kogan as will need to recharge just to receive sms.

    • Its a post pay plan not pre-paid but thanks for the suggestion.

  • Have you checked your phone's contacts list to see if the number is blocked there?

    • Yes i wrote that in my comment above.

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        Why are you replying with a different account?

  • I wasn't receiving today either. Just closed the attempt and opened the login page once put, put in my username and password again, and that time I got two texts in a row. I just used the newest one.

    Also might seem silly to say but turning your phone off and on again can sometimes do the trick too.

    • This was yesterday night i tried. Im wondering if its browser related?
      I turned off the phone when I switched sim cards so nothing came that way either.

  • Disable RCS and data on your phone temporarily to see if it comes through

    "Open the Messages App
    Access the Menu by selecting the ‘three dots’ on the top right of the screen
    Navigate to Settings > Chat Settings > Rich Communications Settings
    Switch off RCS"

  • I had some SMS receiving issues in the past, was related to having dual sim cards and trying to use google's messaging app for SMS. After switching back to the phone native app it was fine.

  • Have you got the new "My Gov ID" (and RAM if you need it!). This is the way they are going with this one stop ID for all government services.

    As you may know you need above "Nougat" operating system to access this, but I see you have a unit with "pie" so your good.

    Sorry to post this if you are already aware of this new system,,,,but you never know!

  • I had the same problem.

    I put my sim into a different phone and tried again, & received the SMS instantly. Don't know if it's RCS, or a different messaging app, or the android version…

    Not working: Pixel 4a with Android 11, Security update 5/10/2020. Default messaging app google 'messages' version 6.4.048 (Acacia_RC14.phone_dynamic). Chat Features enabled or disabled didn't help.

    Working: Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 8.0.0, security patch level 1/2/2020. Default messaging app google 'messages' version 6.4.048 (Acacia_RC14.phone_dynamic). Chat Features enabled

    I think I saw somewhere that maybe the keyboard would make a diff…not sure how. The Galaxy is running Samsung Keyboard, the Pixel is running Gboard.

  • I found when I was trying to set up, that my "Privacy Badger" was stopping ATO coms, cold!…have you checked your browser isn't using this type of screening??

  • 2021, the same issue still has not been resolved. using iphone. no SMS received. Such a dumb app!!!!!

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